And I’m Still Getting Over My Past

And I'm still getting over my past

And I’m still getting over my past…
but I will tell you this, your friendship
has made it a lot easier for me to
move on and I’m grateful for what we
have. So thank you for everything.
Thank you for all the long talks-
for listening to me when I was breaking
down. And thank you for bringing the
sun with you – during the times I was
drowning in rain.

– R. M. Drake

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  1. Katie Shaw Avatar

    Donna Strickland Clare Bear Bloom

    1. Donna Strickland Avatar

      Katie Shaw always there for you hun ❤️

    2. Clare Bear Bloom Avatar

      Bless you hun. That is so sweet. We all are going through or have gone through tough times and it’s great friendsone yourself that helps us along the way. You too, are a great friend. Always here, and that goes to you Donna xx

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