A Zodiac Sign Remembers

A Zodiac Sign Remembers

A Zodiac Sign Remembers:

ARIES: Useless facts drilled into their head while studying for high school bio tests.

TAURUS: Things they’d rather forget.

GEMINI: Every line of dialogue from their favorite film.

CANCER: How the sunlight felt on their face as you laid hand in hand in the dewy grass.

LEO: That they have a date at 8 PM (it’s actually at 7).

VIRGO: The birthdays of everyone they’ve ever cared about.

LIBRA: Intricate details of niche celebrity drama.

SCORPIO: Every slight that’s been committed against them.

SAGITTARIUS: Your name (even if they say they don’t)

CAPRICORN: To water the plants and take out the trash.

AQUARIUS: How things happened, not how they felt.

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