A Guy Like This

A Guy Like This

A guy like this:

Babe, I don’t care if we are completely quiet on the phone

I just like the fact you’re there

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You Are The Light That Most Men

You Are The Light That Most Men

“You are the lightthat most menwill never deserve.”

– R.H. Sin

This quote by R. H. Sin conveys a profound sentiment of admiration and acknowledgment of someone’s exceptional qualities and value. Here’s a more detailed interpretation:

“You are the light”:

The use of the metaphor “light” suggests that the person being addressed possesses qualities that illuminate or bring brightness to the lives

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I Wanna Do The Nasty While Your Favorite Song Is On

I Wanna Do The Nasty While Your Favorite Song Is On

I wanna do the nasty while your favorite song is on so every time you hear it you think of me.

– Unknown

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Free For You, Busy For Others

Free For You Busy For Others


Free for youBusy for others

Stop being so cute

Cute for yourude for others

Romantic Quotes, romantic quotes for her, romantic quotes for him, romantic sayings, short romantic quotes, romantic quotes for girlfriend, romantic quotes for husband, romantic quotes for boyfriend, romantic quotes for wife