14 Signs You’re An Indigo Child

signs you are an indigo child

14 Signs you’re an Indigo Child

1. You are strong willed

2. You’re an old soul

3. you’re a freethinker

4. You’re a headstrong nonconformist

5. You’re a passionate truth-seeker

6. You’re perceptive and intelligent

7. You are highly intuitive

8. You want to change the world

9. You’re empathetic and compassionate

10. You’re a change-making leader

11. You’re idealistic

12. You have a loner/autonomous personality

13. You’re highly creative

14. You have a strong connection with nature and animals.



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  1. Gail Avatar

    Here’s where my question is…I am an INFJ-less than one of 1% of the world population. I am also a very strong Empath. But “Indigo Child” also fits Both of these. INFJ personality is unarguably exact minus one, maybe two things. Help?

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