9 Soothing Mantras For Anxiety That Will Calm You Down In No Time


Soothing And Powerful Mantras For Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety? Does it feel like your head’s going to burst with all those intrusive and negative thoughts? When life throws curveballs at you and the overwhelming stress threatens to spill out, it’s easy to get caught in a whirlwind of worry. However, chanting a few mantras for anxiety can really help.

Calming mantras for anxiety are powerful tools that can help you find serenity within the chaos. These simple yet profound phrases have been used for centuries to calm the human mind, soothe the soul, and restore inner peace.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert meditator or a curious beginner, these nine calming mantras for anxiety are here to help you break out of the clutches of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Before we talk about the nine mantras to help with anxiety, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of mantras.

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10 Benefits Of Mantras

  • You instantly feel calmer: Mantras for anxiety can bring instant calm by soothing your racing mind and it allows you to catch your breath, instead of hyperventilating due to stress.
  • You feel more focused and clear in your head: One of the best benefits of mantras is that they help you regain focus and clarity, and offers a clear anchor amidst all the chaos of anxious thoughts.
  • You can feel the stress leaving your body: Mantras activate the relaxation response, reducing stress hormones like cortisol and providing your nervous system a break.
  • You gradually develop a positive mindset: Mantras for anxiety help you replace negative self-talk with more empowering messages, which rewires your brain towards a more optimistic outlook.
  • You feel more confident: Mantras remind you of your worth and strengths, boosting your self-confidence and belief in yourself.
  • You feel more emotionally resilient: Regularly chanting calming mantras for anxiety builds emotional resilience, empowering you to handle life’s challenges with more composure.
  • You experience inner peace: One of the most powerful benefits of mantras is that it leads you back to your inner sanctuary, a place of peace and tranquility.
  • You sleep better: By lulling your mind into relaxation, mantras promote deeper and more restful sleep.
  • You slowly become more self-aware: Mantras help in cultivating self-awareness, which helps you navigate your anxiety with greater insight and realization.
  • You feel more empowered and in control: Another one of the major benefits of mantras is that it empowers you to take control of your anxiety, and reminds you of your ability to choose your response to stress and anxiety.
Mantras for anxiety
9 Soothing Mantras For Anxiety That Will Calm You Down In No Time

Okay, now that we know the numerous benefits of mantras, let’s talk about some of the best and most powerful mantras for anxiety.

9 Most Powerful Mantras For Anxiety

1. “This too shall pass.”

Anxiety might make you feel like the chaos is never going to end, but trust me, it will. When you chant this mantra, you are telling yourself that whatever is happening is temporary and nothing lasts forever, and that your anxiety isn’t permanent.

Each time you say this phrase to yourself, remember everything changes for the better eventually, and you should look forward to better days ahead.

2. “I embrace uncertainty.”

One of the best mantras to help with anxiety, chant this everyday and see the difference for yourself.

Fear of the unknown is a big source of anxiety for many people. But when you adopt the mindset of “I embrace uncertainty,” you start to find comfort in not knowing everything. This strong statement helps you realize that you don’t need all the answers and not everything has to be set in stone.

It allows you to release the need for control and go with the flow and enjoy life’s natural rhythm. When you accept that uncertainty is part of life, your anxiety loosens its hold on you, opening doors to new chances and personal growth.

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3. “I am safe.”

In moments when anxiety feels crushing, keep repeating to yourself,

Saying “I am safe” is a kind of magic spell. It tells you that you’re okay and that your nervousness isn’t going to last forever. When you keep telling yourself this, it changes something deep inside.

Every time you repeat it, you start feeling more chilled out. This comfort slowly wraps around you, making the squirmy feelings of fear loosen their hold on you so you can chill in the present with less fuss.

This phrase is like a gentle pat on the back for your frazzled nerves. It whispers, “You got this,” and helps bring everything back down to earth.

4. “All I can do is my best.”

Striving for perfection in high-pressure moments like going for job interviews or when you’re up for a highly-coveted promotion might not always be the best approach.

This need to be perfect can crank your anxiety up to hundred and get in the way of your progress. It’s better to be kind to yourself instead.

Understand that it’s okay to mess things up now and then, and that your mistakes don’t define who you are, the lessons you learn from them do. Practicing self-compassion will help you deal with your anxiety better, and encourages you to give your best.

5. “I am calm and centered.”

One of the most calming mantras for anxiety, this phrase reminds you of your inner power to stay calm, even when things seem really tough. By trying to be confident and steady, you work towards building a sense of strength inside of you.

Every time you say this mantra, take slow, deep breaths, visualize calmness and peace within you, and slowly let go of your stress with each exhale. When you use your breath to find peace, it makes you feel calmer and helps you to deal with challenging situations more confidently.

Mantras for anxiety
9 Soothing Mantras For Anxiety That Will Calm You Down In No Time

6. “I’m stronger than I think”.

When you are dealing with a serious illness or the loss of a loved one, it’s natural to go in a downward spiral. During such bleak times, you might find yourself thinking things like “I can never get past this” or “I will never feel happy again”.

However, remember that it’s the hard times that show how strong you really are. It is during these times that you realize the strength you didn’t know you had. During the toughest times, resilience and courage come forward within us.

The path ahead might be rough, but don’t forget, you have what it takes to heal, grow, and rediscover happiness.

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7. “Breathe in, breathe out.”

One of the best mantras for anxiety, this simple phrase is surprisingly powerful. Focusing on your breathing can bring you back to the present and reduce your anxiety. You inhale calm and exhale stress with every breath you take.

This breathing pattern sets your body and mind in tune with each other. With each inhale and exhale, calmness wraps you in it’s arms, and gradually eases inner turmoil. It acts as a balm for your soul.

8. “I release what I cannot control.”

It’s quite normal to feel anxious when you try to handle things that are out of your control. But the truth is, it’s not possible for any human being to dictate and control every situation and circumstance around them.

One of the most powerful mantras to help with anxiety, this serves as a reminder to stop trying to hold onto the things that you just can’t control. Rather, it’s better for your mental health to summon the courage of let go of certain things, and keep going with grace and strength.

9. “I am grateful for this moment.”

Expressing gratitude is one of the best things you can do, if you are trying to deal with anxiety. “I am grateful for this moment” is one of those mantras for anxiety that is definitely going to help you feel better instantly.

This mantra is super useful when you feel your anxiety pulling you away from the present. By chanting this mantra, try to come back to reality by appreciating what’s good about the present. It encourages you to deeply appreciate everything that life has to offer.

Mantras for anxiety
9 Soothing Mantras For Anxiety That Will Calm You Down In No Time


Chanting these mantras for anxiety can make a huge difference to your mental and emotional health. Some of the best and most powerful mantras to help with anxiety, these can really help you tackle your stress and tension in the best way possible.

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Do you have some more mantras for anxiety that you would like to share with us? Do let us know how you feel after chanting these calming mantras for anxiety in the comments down below!

benefits of mantras
9 Soothing Mantras For Anxiety That Will Calm You Down In No Time

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