Poetry, maybe – Mind Talk

Poetry, maybe - Mind Talk

I so want to smoke ‘em stiff.

Layers of laughter, make it brief.

Sitting down in city lanes amidst the traffic;

Gray evenings and lights dim.

To capture the setting sun on my lens;

And dream of poetic captions in moving trains.

To pull the same strings, over and over again, in my head;

And sing the same old songs under my breath.

Was I entering perfection?

Tuning into the territory of the bygone;

To feel what they felt it too;

A fly in the spider ‘s web, just the blues.

Why colors? Better dig in deep;

And the crazy guitar strings making magic.

Making love to you;

Or even making music;

The city streets aren’t a place of shame but of bliss, oh pure bliss.

Airplane take-offs and I long for the senses rush.

I want the feel of just you and me in the crowd.

And the metaphorical dizziness and the blur;

Scenes of Sonder in the past.

When did you enter my territory and stole my best lines?

And they are for you, oh the extra limelight!

While we laugh and smoke and grieve;

And happiness, our own silver lining.

The lights in the night creating art;

And the art with you too and the colors;

The photographs in the mail and Polaroid;

And postcards in pockets and a toy aeroplane too;

The lapels of a leather jacket, in an aging old place still brand new.

Superficial make-believes and it makes me smile.

Questions and answers, aren’t we shy?

The quest lingers and a long to travel;

Freedom beneath the cobwebs and in the mountains.

While I write, as I write.

Poetry it is then.

Written by Avilasha Sarmah


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