Pisces: The Sign of The Old Soul


Pisces: The Sign of The Old Soul

Oh, Pisces. I’m a Pisces so this will be fun to write. I’m actually a Pisces and Aquarius cusp, so it gets a bit interesting.

Pisces is the 12th and last astrological sign in the zodiac. This means it is one of the oldest and most wise signs.

People who are Pisces tend to be considered “old souls” and act much older than their age.

Growing up, I always had people assume I was much older than my actual age. I was much wiser than children my age, but for me, that came out through frustration for the world.

I was born with a sense of purpose and an inner knowing that the system of society was inherently hurtful.

Pisces, as it is a fish, is, of course, a water sign. It is ruled by Jupiter as a primary planet and Neptune as a secondary. Jupiter is the thinking planet. It is the abstract mind, the higher learning both intellectually and spiritually.

Neptune, on the other hand, is about fluidity and illusory nature. It is all about dreams and abstract thoughts, making a great combination with Jupiter. Combined, the two planets create the Yin Yang of male and female energy.

Many say Pisces are escapists or have a strong desire to escape reality. We’re also known for having self-pity or a victim mentality. As a Pisces, I can attest to those being true for myself. When I am in overly stressful situations, I am very quick to disconnect with reality through disassociation with my emotions.

This is always something I work through and eventually have to face every time. For that is exactly what this life is about: raw interaction.

The personality of Pisces is difficult to pin down because many people with this sign enjoy being mysterious or elusive.

When I was younger, I loved to be considered mysterious and unknown because I liked the idea of people wondering about me. I think many people use it as a tool for manipulation and getting what they desire, so be careful and place your intentions with love!

Supposedly, Pisces are born with physic abilities stronger than others, but that all really depends on your living situation and prior agreements coming down to this planet. We all have inherent psychic abilities that need to be exercised to be used. Just like a muscle needs to be exercised, our third eye and intuition need the same attention to function properly.

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One of the empathic abilities that come with being a Pisces is extreme sensitivities to friends and loved ones.

Pisces often take the problems of their friends and make it their own. That is something many Pisces do, they are attracted to people who need a lot of help and sometimes this can end up draining you.

This is the sign of mysticism and the unknown. It is said that the Pisces eternal struggle is learning how to use our powers through our creative and artistic skills in a positive way.

Many of us are artists in society that focus on the negative because our emotions are so intense.

Learning how to recognize the magic of life in our creations can produce a more productive result, and that is one of the greatest gifts as a Pisces.

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Written by Alexandria
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Pisces: The Sign of The Old Soul

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