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6 Ways Your Phone Can Enhance Romance In Your Relationship

Ways Your Phone Can Enhance Romance In Your Relationship

If you’re like many couples, you forget to take time to romance your partner every day. When we think of romance, we think of candlelight dinners and soft music, but romance is everywhere and what makes something romantic is the mood you create for and with your partner.

We rarely think of our hurried phone calls or text messages as opportunities to be romantic, but they can be. Being intentional about your next cellular interaction can make your partner feel more desirable, loved, and connected to you. Here are 6 ways to be more romantic over the phone.

6 Ways Your Phone Can Enhance Romance In Your Relationship

1. Be the first one to check in on your partner in the morning.

Take time out of your busy day to check in and ask your partner how their day is going. Telling them you’re thinking of them makes them feel loved all day long.

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2. Text a short video of you saying, “I love you.”

A short video with you saying you love him/her in 10 words or less is optimal for setting the romance mood.


3. Plan a meet up= after work at a quiet cafe.

Part of romancing your partner is dating them even if you’re married. Plan to meet up before you go home to the kids, chores, and daily household distractions. Appetizers and drinks are less expensive than dinner and just as romantic.

4. Text them a joke or two throughout the day.

Couples who share laughter also share connections. It’s romantic and flirty and lightens your day to laugh.

5. Be a good listener when your partner is troubled.

When your partner is going through a tough time, listen to them. Instead of trying to fix their problem, offer words of support and encouragement. When partners feel heard, they feel more connected and loved.

6. Send love songs that remind you of your partner.

Partners feel flattered when you share openly how they make you feel. If you hear a song that tugs at your heart and reminds you of your partner, be sure to share that with them in a romantic text.

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Romance isn’t limited to the bedroom or an exotic trip; it’s everywhere. When we take advantage of every opportunity to share our thoughts with our partners throughout the day, we come home to a relationship that is connected and vibrant. Take time out in each day to romance the one you love.

Written By Mary Jo Rapini 
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