10 Reasons Why People Refuse to Talk to Therapists

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7. “Therapists don’t say anything; they just sit there and judge you.”

That depends on what kind of psychologist you’re seeing. Many of them will tell you right off the bat that they like to say what’s on their minds. Many of them offer practical advice or provide detailed feedback about the way they understand you and your problems. Even the therapists who do more listening than talking are not judging you—they are quietly working to perceive your problems your way, empathically.

And if you do feel judged by your therapist, you should bring up those feelings. It might seem uncomfortable at first, but your therapist will most likely be glad to talk about any feelings that arise in the course of treatment—including those brought up by the therapist or the treatment itself.

8. “Therapists don’t really care about you; they do it for the money.”

In general, people choose psychotherapy as a career because they care about other people and want to help. I don’t know anyone who became a therapist to get rich.

9. “If I was depressed and I wanted to feel better, I’d just take Prozac.”

Psychiatric medications don’t work equally well for everyone. Plus, every psychoactive drug has additional effects—also called “side effects,” if you prefer the language used by the pharmaceutical industry—that can be quite serious, like weight gain or sexual dysfunction.

On the other hand, psychotherapy has no chemical side effects and represents an active, positive coping strategy. Even in the cases where psychiatric medication maintenance is the treatment of choice, it often works best when supplemented with weekly psychotherapy. 

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10. “I wouldn’t want to air my dirty laundry out in public.”

Psychotherapy is confidential, and the material discussed in therapy sessions is protected by law. As long as you do not present a danger to anyone, what you choose to talk about with your therapist will not leave the therapy room. 

Generally speaking, it’s always pretty easy to find a reason not to do something that’s good for you—like exercise, getting a full night’s sleep, or finding a therapist. In my experience, psychotherapy usually helps quite a bit. People who are suffering can forge strong working relationships with their therapists even if they have never tried therapy before.

If you are going through a stressful time, or feel unhappy, anxious, or unsatisfied with yourself and your life, please don’t talk yourself out of taking care of your feelings.

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Written By Loren Soeiro 
Originally Published In Psychology Today
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10 Reasons Why People Refuse to Talk to Therapists
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