People cling to their hates

People cling to their hates
I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once the hate is gone, they will be forced to deal
with pain.
James Baldwin
Hate does make suffering smoother.
But till you accept what is, You do restrict what can be..  If pain is inevitable, let it be..

15 thoughts on “People cling to their hates”

  1. Because of the recent confession of my loved one, i have asked some questions that had never been thought about. I try to be a patient and respectful person, and give people time to think about their answer. I respect that someone has had something that negatively has hurt their being. I try to be a a trusting for them, kind of person. ” If you have the courage to look at what is precepitating a negative behavior, I will be stable enough (within reason ) for them to lean against, when difficult times arise. I have been in a few relationships that were not good for me. But I learned something in them, that was life saving in the next. i am grateful this person is not violent, and is actually a nice person for everyone to be around. Coz az de lady said, ” ain’t nobody got time fo dat “, in regards to my past loves. Amen ! LOL

  2. Wise words from a wise man. Many times it is easier for people to hate/reject themselves and others instead of facing the things they hate about theirself.

    So many people are living in isolation and need help if they would just give themselves a chance and the people around them things would change for the better.

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