Optimism, Pessimism, Realism: Where Do you Fit? – Mind Talk

Optimism, Pessimism, Realism: Where Do you Fit? - Mind Talk


Now out of the cage, the three men part their ways and will more than likely never see each other again. They will definitely meet personality types similar to and even the same as what they were trapped with, and will deal with that situation equally to how they dealt with this one. Optimism will praise; Pessimism will dash hope; Realism will act. And for this general reaction, I have come up with a general formula in the form of that triangle I mentioned earlier.


The triangle represents a social hierarchy, but it isn’t filled. Rather, the points of the triangle represent each of the personality types displayed above. As in the cage, the base consists of Optimism and Pessimism. This is because, although different, they constitute the same in terms of reactions. It is also suitable that they share a line between them, as there is always a grey area with people and these two extremes. That grey area is not to be mistaken for Realism; rather it is a place for people who see both sides of the story and still choose to sit by and admire. Realism is placed at the top of the triangle, with the extremes connected to it, and so the triangle is complete. Realism has both traits of Pessimism and Optimism, but chooses to act on the knowledge the two provide him. He may act positively, as to help himself and others, or act negatively, as to help himself exclusively or harm others.


Optimism is happy-go-lucky. Pessimism is unlucky. Realism is dangerous. Where Optimism has his hands open and free and Pessimism has his tied behind his back, Realism’s hands are full of the world we reside in, and he has the understanding to make it spin. And spin it shall at whatever pace he chooses.


Written by Nicholas Thompson



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