November Full Moon: Taurus may bring us a Sensual Love Relationship

On November 14, 2016 at 8:52 a.m. EST we have a Full Moon at 23 degrees in Taurus.

It will appear as the largest, closest and brightest moon in the sky since 1948! So make sure to mark your calendars to see this spectacular lunar event taking place. The moon will not come this close to the earth again until November 25, 2034. Expect this Full Moon to look plenty full and bright all night long on both November 13 and 14 depending on where you live in North America or elsewhere in the world.

As the sky watchers remind us,

“At the Full Moon, the moon and sun are on a line, with Earth in between. It’s as though Earth is the fulcrum of a seesaw, and the moon and sun are sitting on either end of the seesaw. In many ways, a full moon is the opposite of a new moon. At both the new and full phases, the moon is on a line with the Earth and sun. At New Moon, the moon is in the middle position along the line. At Full Moon, Earth is in the middle. The Full Moon always comes about two weeks after new moon, when the moon is midway around in its orbit of Earth, as measured from one new moon to the next.”

During Full Moons the question always comes up, “What’s so unique about this particular Full Moon?” Well, from an astrological perspective, each Full Moon falls into one of 12 astrological signs of the zodiac named for a constellation. This Full Moon falls into the sign of Taurus.
This is a time of super-charged energy with the sun and moon in opposite signs of the Zodiac. The sun is now in Scorpio. And, the sun represents us—our character and essence. The moon is in Taurus and represents our emotional needs.

The sun and moon being in opposite signs now creates a yin and yang of solar and lunar harmony.

During the previous New Moon we may have conceived of ideas or become vaguely aware of our desires. In fact, we may have had miraculous epiphanies of the things we wanted to accomplish.
The Full Moon in Taurus is considered exalted in astrology, meaning the moon finds tremendous ease, harmony and comfort in this sign. While there is tremendous intensity, depth and power in this Full Moon lunation, it brings one a feeling of being grounded, sensual and gentle in pursuit of one’s goals, especially romance.

Here are a few ways that the Taurus Full Moon may bring a sensual love relationship into our lives.

Enjoy a sensual love with someone new

Under the Taurus moon we feel warm-hearted and affectionate. We are in this space where we love to love. We are most happy if we are in a relationship where we feel an emotional stability with the other person. So, we cautiously pursue a romance, because for love to blossom, we need to trust the other person. It is important that a new love make us feel safe and secure for us to be our most loving.

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