Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Advocates Mental Health with Anti-Anxiety Phone Cover at COP28


In a surprising and refreshing move, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was spotted using a phone cover inscribed with anti-anxiety affirmations during the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. The revelation came to light when Ms. Meloni posted a selfie alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, drawing attention to the noteworthy accessory.

The back of Ms. Meloni’s mobile cover was adorned with a series of quotations and cartoons centered around the theme “Affirmations for Anxiety.” The images quickly went viral on the internet, prompting a conversation about mental health and self-care, particularly among political figures.

Giorgia Meloni Anxiety Phone Cover

The affirmations on the phone cover serve as powerful reminders of the significance of mental health and offer practical tips on coping with stress. Phrases such as “My anxiety doesn’t define me,” “I’m enough,” “I’m loved,” and “It’s okay for me to say no for my mental health” were prominently featured, promoting positive affirmations and self-care strategies.

According to a report from the Telegraph UK, the anti-anxiety phone cover was a thoughtful gift from Ms. Meloni’s seven-year-old daughter, Ginevra. The now-viral accessory is available for purchase at ₹1000 on the website Manifesting Minnie.

The product description highlights the potential benefits of affirmations in boosting self-worth, fostering a positive self-image, and providing a counterbalance to feelings of panic, stress, and self-doubt often associated with anxiety.

The move by the Italian Prime Minister to showcase her commitment to mental health awareness garnered praise from various quarters. The decision to display affirmations openly on a widely used accessory like a phone cover is seen as a step toward normalizing conversations around mental health in political and public spheres.

In addition to promoting mental health, Giorgia Meloni’s actions also shed light on her personal life. In October, the 46-year-old politician announced her separation from television journalist partner Andrea Giambruno.

The separation was accompanied by Giambruno facing criticism for sexist comments made on air. Meloni took to Facebook to address the end of their nearly 10-year relationship, stating, “Our paths have diverged for some time, and the time has come to acknowledge it.”

Ms. Meloni’s stance on the matter included emphasizing that she should not be judged based on Giambruno’s remarks. Furthermore, she asserted that she would not entertain questions about his behavior in the future.

The separation unfolded as Giorgia Meloni marked her first year in office as the head of a right-wing coalition government, with the traditional family values being one of its key policy hallmarks.

The use of an anti-anxiety phone cover, not only as a personal accessory but also as a statement, highlights a nuanced approach to mental health. In a political landscape where public figures often shy away from discussions about mental well-being, Giorgia Meloni’s open display of affirmations sends a powerful message.

It encourages individuals to prioritize mental health and seeks to break down the stigma associated with anxiety and related issues.

As the images continue to circulate on social media, Giorgia Meloni’s advocacy for mental health and her resilience in navigating personal challenges present a multifaceted and relatable image of a political leader. The positive response to her actions indicates a growing recognition of the importance of mental health awareness and self-care, even in the highest echelons of political power.


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