My Soulmate

My Soulmate
I am still going deep and deeper.
Haven’t thought of ever measuring it.
It pauses to take rest and holds me again to,
Dive once more to an unknown depth.
I am growing to heights every moment.
It just makes me see my own growth.
I feel I reached the top and,
That’s when it holds again,
To pull me up for greater horizons.
Respect and love are making them together go to the unknown.
Two hands holding together forever for they know,
Trust was given and received.
Love was given selflessly.
No matter what would happen,
The hands protect each other.
It is holding my hand and,
The bond is getting tested every now,
And then only to make it stronger always.
Lucky I am in your hands,
My Soulmate, My Soulmate.
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