4 Mutable Signs In Astrology: The Philosophers Of Duality


The Great Mutable Signs In Astrology: Are You One Of Them?

Did you know that Zodiac signs are classified by modalities or qualities, which describe their character and the stage they represent in a season? Mutable signs of the Zodiac signs are in a group which include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

These signs signify the death of a season or the end of a cycle. For example, Gemini begins as spring is coming to an end; Virgo starts when summer has finished up its business; Sagittarius kicks off just as fall is wrapping itself off — finally! — around everything it can find; and Pisces starts when winter has almost said “uncle” but not quite.

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So, What Are The Mutable Signs in Astrology?

Mutable signs are the shape-shifters of the zodiac who never met a life shift they couldn’t roll with. If your sign falls under the mutable modality, chances are you’re quick on your feet and can flow with — or ebb against — anything that comes your way.

Change doesn’t frighten you; in fact, it usually makes things more fun for you. On that note though, committing to finish a project might not be your strong suit either because you tend to get bored halfway through.

The Mutable signs’ readiness for the change of seasons is what makes them the most adaptable, flexible and communicative people in the zodiac. Let’s see if you are one!

Read on to learn more about mutable signs of the zodiac and how they express themselves!

1. Gemini (Air)

Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury (the messenger planet), begins the mutable cycle as spring turns to summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Geminis are characterized by their thirst for knowledge and lively minds.

They love to socialize and talk, but variety is their spice of life — they can easily shift between different “masks” depending on who they’re interacting with or what kind of setting they’re in.

They’re also incredibly multifaceted beings who follow curiosity down every interesting road because they aren’t afraid of anything.

2. Virgo (Earth)

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury that marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

They can be perfectionists, but not crazy enough to think everything always goes as planned. Just understand that these mutable earth signs have a backup plan for their backup plan. Don’t let their love for order fool you — Virgos are funny as hell.

3. Sagittarius (Fire)

The end of autumn is coming and Sagittarius will take over. This fire sign is ruled by Jupiter, and it brings the adventurous and exploring spirit. They are optimistic people who love freedom. They always seek for new experiences to broaden their mind.

They can sail through rough seas like no other because they’re zodiac explorers. Nothing makes them itch for bigger and better things more than boredom does. They welcome change with open arms

4. Pisces (Water)

Finally, Pisces ends the mutable cycle as winter turns into spring. They are intuitive, empathetic and deeply emotional; they are dreamers and visionaries who delve into the subconscious and embrace cosmic mysteries.

Pisceans always have one foot on the ground and another in the clouds. This flexible water sign loves everything supernatural; it enjoys things that most people would not touch even with a bargepole.

That is why these individuals take everything that comes their way lightly; changing their moods or opinion according to circumstances, no matter how erratic or strange those might be.

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The mutable signs in astrology, indeed, could be considered as a peek into the constantly changing world. The idea that we need to learn how to become interested in everything around us and not be afraid when it changes is one of the most important things they can teach us.

What are the mutable signs according to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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