Morality Of Wisdom: There Is No Such Thing As Good Or Bad

Morality Of Wisdom

This, to me, is the message our major religions were trying to teach: there are wise ways to live and unwise ways to live. Many people can argue that without a ‘moral code’ the world would go to hell, and it’s true to some degree. There are fear-focused and love-focused courses of action as incentives in life, and our purpose is to grow in wisdom to the point where we can realize the benefits of being kind to others and the drawbacks of being unkind.

As I’ve previously mentioned, Karma is not an external force that balances the world but is rather an internal one where we create our own Hell. We attract into our life the same energy we put out into it.

“Good” could be said to be conscious, loving, and wise behavior while “Evil” could be considered egotistical, fearful, and unconscious behavior.  These words work as metaphors for personal growth, as measurements for the quality of life, you’re attracting.  For example, anything which helps you ‘awaken’ to this wisdom, to experience yourself, to become more authentic and experience something higher than yourself is “good”, while anything that hinders this is “evil”.

The wiser people will realize that “evil” behavior will attract many problems into their lives – such things as enemies, low self-esteem, paranoia, addictions, attachments, persistent dissatisfaction and suffering, world-weariness and cynicism to name a few.

Essentially, those people who do “good” in life aren’t perfectly saintly beings but are people who realize, if only intuitively, that doing good benefits them, that being compassionate results in less suffering for themselves and produces a deeper sense of fulfillment and connection to others.

If we keep all of this in mind, we realize that people who misbehave due to lack of wisdom aren’t deserving of our judgment, but are in fact letting us know that they are the ones who are in most need of compassion, forgiveness, and support.  These are the people who have never truly tasted peace or love in their lives, only glimpses of gratification, and therefore act in ways that harm others, and in the process harm themselves.

The cultivation of wisdom often comes to those who are willing to struggle with themselves and work on themselves for a very long time in order to attain it.  To develop our wisdom is to create a conscience.

Morality and wisdom are quite different things. One person’s morality can contradict another person’s morality, but one person’s wisdom can never contradict another person’s wisdom (although many confuse their beliefs with wisdom).

Morality is created and sourced from collective beliefs and prevents the individual from feeling any true freedom. To become authentic, to be a true individual, we require a thirst for freedom, freedom from the unwise, from psychological traumas, from self-pity, from self-preserving fearful ideas, from primitive instinctual behavior, and from dogmatic beliefs, ideals and values that have been taught to us throughout our entire lives.

Forget about morality, become consciously aware and search for the evolution, or the Involution, of your inner wisdom.

Written By –  Mateo Sol
Originally appeared in – LonerWolf

Life is always not that simple, and sometimes it becomes difficult to put everything in specific boxes. People tend to forget that everything is not always black and white, there is a lot of greys too. The concept of the morality of wisdom takes time to understand, but once you do, you will finally understand the true essence of life.

If you want to know more about the morality of wisdom, then check this video out below:

Morality Of Wisdom There Is No Such Thing As Good Or Bad
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