Maybe When I’m a Better Me, I’ll Find My Way Back to You

Maybe When I'm a Better Me, I'll Find My Way Back to You

Maybe When I’m a Better Me, I’ll Find My Way Back to You

“Not that she’s my soulmate. I just believe she is. It’s funny, though, you know, when people tell you to get on with your life, go date, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea… Like I need to tell you. But, you see, we know that once you’ve met that special person, it’s hard to live, knowing they’re out there, and they’re the only one you care about.” -Boy Meets World

Timing is kind of a bitch sometimes. You meet this wonderful person, who you kind of sort of thing, you can spend the rest of your life with. Then life throws you a curveball. It says, “Hey you guys just aren’t right at the moment.”

Things end. You are heartbroken and you are forced to go through the motions without this person, who was once an extension of yourself.

I always thought we’d get it right. He said it too. “It’s not a question of if, but when.” I held onto that because what else did I have to cling to other than a feeling? And despite every obstacle, we kind of always found our way back. But, after much trial and error, a goodbye that broke my heart, was inevitable. And on the road I began to walk alone, at first I began to stumble without him. Not just stumble, but completely hit rock bottom. I feared to tell him the trouble I got myself into because I knew that was the straw breaking the camel’s back. And it was. But I walked away, thinking maybe I need to find myself. And just maybe when I do, he’ll be there like he always had been.

Maybe When I'm a Better Me, I'll Find My Way Back to You

The timing wasn’t right for us.

Before you can determine if you met the right person, you first have to meet a lot of the wrong people. This becomes unbelievably difficult, when that first person you met, you thought was Mr. Right. Suddenly you compare everyone to him. And they kind of all falls short.

We had to meet others.

We had to let each other go.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let someone go, just to see if they ever come back. The right person will always come back to you. And when you love someone, I promise you, they will come back to you.

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It took losing you to change…

I think sometimes you have to lose people to establish their worth. Sometimes people have to leave. It’s only when people leave, do you decide who do you want to be without them?

Do you want to lose others for the same reason? Do you want to point the finger of blame towards others, and not take responsibility for your actions? Or do you want to learn and become better?

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Because I wasn’t the best version of myself.

I needed to improve on my own. I needed to be a better version of myself, not just for him. Because it’s not just him that deserves the best me, but I deserve to be my best self, as well.

We weren’t right for each other…

It might feel like you are right, but when the timing is involved, sometimes the timing just isn’t. We were bound to grow apart.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be one day.

And the only reason you grow a part, is so you can grow back together.

Maybe when you do become better, when you do grow up, when you get a little life in you and get on the path, that is straight and narrow, maybe that person will be there on that same path too, waiting for you.

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  1. Christopher Rogers

    I think this article is full of excuses and with no real reasoning behind it. The title itself was an excuse, “Maybe when I’m a better me, I’ll find my way back to you.” That’s BS and timing isn’t important because there’s no better time than the PRESENT because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow but I guess some people think the stars, moon and sun must be aligned or its some kind of spaceship launch. But hell, what do I know, I’m an idiot whose at Rock bottom…

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