Love Without Attachment: Ways To Love Unconditionally

It absolutely loves the sleep marks in the morning and the smell of breakfast, the sound of birds and the way they deal with their issues, the way they cry or the way they go absolutely nuts when something doesn’t go their way, unconditional love is patient and, kind and compassionate in all life’s areas.

It gives space and holds space. It loves all that is, all that shall be and all that ever will be.

The last secret is the most important – And should never be forgotten.


4.  Unconditional love is all-encompassing.

Meaning, it must include you. You must not water another garden before watering your own. Unconditional love is not possible without self-love and acceptance. Before preaching the teachings of unconditional love, you must consider yourself as a part of this all-encompassing love. The integration of unconditional love has the power to free mankind from many attachments and has the capacity to heal wounds and give life through love.

Source – Spirit Science


Love Without Attachment: Ways To Love Unconditionally

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Written by Jade Small

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  1. This can not be learned, when you find the right one, you BOTH will feel like this and you will know the difference. I am 56 years old and only finding it now. There is a saying “you will find it when you are not looking” True and “you will know it when it happens” True also. SO stop looking enjoy other parts of your life and when it happens you will know.

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