We Asked Our Readers For “Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic’ – Here’s What They Said

Lessons from the Covid Pandemic

Lesson 17 by Nidhi Dargar

“It happened coincidentally that my parents were there with me before lockdown and they had to stay with my family for more than two months. Generally, they don’t come to stay with me as they believe parents shouldn’t stay with their daughter’s family after her marriage.

During this period, I realized the actual importance of parents in life. I love my parents a lot but it happened that I couldn’t give them much time for some or other reasons. The excuses were my job, my daughter’s studies, my in-laws’ family, or my other priorities.

I felt their unconditional and selfless love and care which I couldn’t return them after my marriage. I realized that I ignored their feelings towards me always. I took them for granted and they didn’t let me feel that I was neglecting their wish to see me, to talk to me, or to be with me. 

Had this pandemic, corona not occurred, I would never have understood the true meaning of parents’ love towards their children. After my realization, I started recognizing their efforts to make me and my family happy, to love them back, to do little things for them, to show that I’m there with them always. I got this feeling that how would I survive if they won’t be there with me. The fear of losing them disturbed me now and then. I realized that nothing can make me happy in life if they would not be there. No one in the world can fill up their place in my heart. I would be weak and down without them. 

I love them a lot and I want them to be there with me forever, ever and ever…”

Lesson 18 by Ashni Nagpal

“Our world drastically changed this year. The hustle of everyday life suddenly stopped, little things we took for granted, our daily routines, simple things like going for a walk everything was challenged by a pandemic- so powerful that the whole world went silent but it created intense chaos which never seems to end. It has changed the way we see and survive in this world by being grateful for every second we breathe here and in fact, we are still alive is indeed a blessing. It made us slow down and appreciate life and our loved ones.

The ego traps, anger, and greed are just lame. The facades we project in society are broken. We have learned nothing is more important than life. We are eternally grateful for the dedication of doctors, nurses, policemen, firefighters, janitors, and store workers during this pandemic. The force of this virus doesn’t see any color, gender, or country. It has forced us to work on our hygiene more efficiently. The coronavirus overall has given us a new way of life to live, survive, appreciate, and most important love more. Being kind, empathetic, compassionate, and love is the only way we start living now.

Love will heal this world. After every darkness light has to come after every pain there is healing. This was a warning for us to be HUMAN. It will end soon and go away. Let’s just make this world more beautiful again by living peacefully and united. “

Lesson 19 by Angel Durbin

“Being in quarantine and furloughed from my job left me at a loss. I understand work and rules as well as never-ending hours. You see it’s who I was, it’s all I knew. Never seeking a peaceful moment makes the dollar just survive. I learned a valuable lesson about myself in quarantine, I’m enough! I am creative for myself not work. I write, I paint and I set up my own studio. I’ll go back to work that is certain but I will live to be happy and to make others feel the same. Quarantine has taught me work is financial it’s not who I am.”

Lesson 20 by Vandana Singh

“The biggest lesson I learned is how fragile life is that the entire humanity surrendered in front of an invisible microorganism! The virus overpowered and brought almost every aspect of human life to a standstill. However, despite facing uncertainties, fear, and vulnerability, humans are thriving throughout with timeless core values as tools of survival- hope, patience, solidarity, and compassion!

The pandemic is a warning, an alert, and at the same time an opportunity to reimagining the individual and social fabric in all its dimensions. I learned that life has uncertainties and we might fall short in the wake of sudden changes. I learned that our magical planet earth has everything to offer us to meet our needs but human greed is infinite! Sapiens has to bring about fundamental changes in the way they look and perceive life which is not about accumulating things, it is about sharing & caring, it about relationships, it’s about stretching hands to hold each other…its about being compassionate and mindful in our thoughts, emotions, and actions!!

The pandemic has given that one more chance to reflect where humans are heading, what should be our priorities and how are we defining our purpose of life to make it more fulfilling. The current crisis shall open new portals to redesign a novel world based on humane values to lead a sustainable and mindful life…I am ready to enter through the gateway…”

Lesson 21 by Mishka (8 years old)

“I learned in Covid 19 that we should love and appreciate our friends and never fight.”

Lesson 22 by Meghna Ram

“It’s a year of Survival. One thing I realized was how to utilize each day to its fullest. Time is precious. Learnt many things. I just realized how strong I am. Whatever happens, happens for good. Life goes on. Face it bravely. Live happily no matter what. Also, spend time with your family. Nature is the best teacher. It teaches everything that a human has to know. Nature costs nothing. It gives everything. Be kind to Mother Nature. Love Mother Nature.

Lesson 23 by Kanisha

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Quarantine, Lockdown, Self-Isolation – they were the new terms ever heard in my life journey. Well, talking about life lessons they were plenty but to be more specific I am actively engaged with the Parent Circle community. With that idea on my mind, I with my society children accomplished those activities with a challenging spirit on virtual media.

Lockdown 1.0 that was of 21 days was overwhelming for parents and children. That was the time to reconnect with family and share the strongest love bond. The challenges were made up of the children’s team versus the parents’ team. We four teams participated enthusiastically. The role and responsibilities of a parent were shifted to children through proper guidance and communication and vice versa. The purpose of this 21-day challenge was to experimentally learn the art of empathizing while bonding with family members.
Our Mindfulness game began on the following:

  • Conscious level: The task was on doing the household work of mothers by children and for parents to create something from the old toys of their children. This level taught us an important life lesson on our mind consciousness. We were feeling extremely happy and good by sharing one after another experience.
  • Focus and Observation: The task was, for children to prepare a list of the things that are needed after the lockdown opens and for parents to observe the curiosity of their children throughout the day. This task taught us life lessons on focus, observation, feelings that were quite peaceful and relax due to controlled thoughts and emotions.
  • Effective Time Management: The task was for children to prepare a graph of the events that can’t be forgotten to date and for parents to draw a family tree on a paper or chart and describe two special qualities of each member. The lesson here we Learn was boosting the brain memory with effective utilization of time.
  • Choosing out of many alternatives: The task was, for children to find interesting information from news, share with parents and write it down, and for parents to pick any one subject book of children and share some life lessons to their kid. We learned from this task that out of so many ready information available, the power lies in selecting the best.
  • Importance of seeds and plants: Here, The task for children was to explain which tree you like and why? For parents to explain the importance of seed to their children. The lesson we learn is of how sowing and reaping on our own thoughts mould the direction later in our lives.

The above few lessons are vital lessons that we learned. Likewise, we did more than thirty tasks one day at a time. At the fixed time, in the morning the task was given by me on WhatsApp, and in the evening we shared our experiences in the comment box.
All in all, we took valuable lessons by doing the challenging tasks each day without judgment rather with a lot of enthusiasm on following the instructions like clapping hands, giving energetic smiles, parent and child pat their back, and so on.

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