Life Is A Balance Of Holding On And Letting Go

Life is a balance

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.


11 thoughts on “Life Is A Balance Of Holding On And Letting Go”

  1. It’s an intuitive gesture. Those things you let go, show themselves by presenting you no other option. The things you keep vested, or hold on to, present more physical/emotional pull. This is intuitive! You will simply know!

  2. its like hoping for the best & yet expecting the worst, you love something, but then the opposite doesn’t seem to see the good of your love, or there’s some chemistry of yours that hasn’t been grasped, so you just cling on till sense prevails or love wins the raging battle of emotions…& even when that fails…THEN IT WASN’T MEANT TO BE…LET GO…BUT DON’T LET LIFE STOP…CAUSE NOTHING’S GREATER THAN GOD…JUST MOVE ON…PERIOD

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