Libra: The Sign of The Balanced Soul

Libra: The Sign of The Balanced Soul

Libra’s are interesting creatures. Every sign has its own quirks and combined with your unique personality, each sign is really specific to you. Libra is the 7th sign in the horoscope, and it is an air sign.

This sign is special because it cares immensely about balance, harmony and justice in the world. There’s something about them that makes them extra sensitive and full of care, even if they don’t show it.

Many Libras are an extreme perfectionist and hard workers. My partner is one of the most Libra-y Libra’s out there. The level of sensitivity, hyper-awareness and balance he brings is outstanding. He has described being a libra as loving to make things perfect, balancing those scales just right, then once you get bored, you tip the scales again and start over – just for the fun of it.

Some Libras are the perfect leaders for this world because they are fair-minded, social, and just in their actions. Justice and equality are some of the most important things to a libra. They try to make peace wherever they go and will often put the needs of others before their own. This can leave them drained and in need to recharge if they aren’t careful about where they place their energy.

Libra’s are known to have self-pity sometimes when things don’t go right. They’ve also been known to hold grudges against people when they feel hurt. Trust is of the utmost importance to a libra. They’re incredibly sensitive and forgiving when they that it is deserving. They care so deeply about creating a harmony that they forget to work on creating that harmony within them.

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What Makes a Libra a Balanced Soul:

They Are the Balancer

The symbol that represents Libra is a scale. They are always trying to get closer and closer to perfection in their lives. Usually, they enjoy the challenge of creating something and adding to it, trying to get it to be more than what it is.

They love beauty and notice the amount of care that’s gone into their environment.

Because of the scale-like nature of Libra’s, many of them are one way or the other; black or white; left or right.

Many Libra’s are either incredibly neat in their lifestyle or very messy. Libra’s are considered lazy, but in my experience, it’s been the exact opposite.

They Are Perfectionists

Because Libra’s find enjoyment in creating solutions, being a perfectionist is in their nature. Problem-solving is one of their favorite past times. They love bringing harmony, understanding and balance to the world, which can sometimes leave them feeling defeated. They take on large tasks usually too big for them to do alone and that’s something they are learning to include other people in.

Their perfectionist nature can make them feel like they are the best for the job, and leave them overwhelmed. Just as everything is, it’s a balancing act for them to include people while still being in a leadership position. 

They Are Extra Sensitive to Energy

Everyone has their own level of sensitivity to energy, but libra can be quite intense. They don’t like any kind of conformity or restrictions placed by other people. They are naturally social but like talking to certain kinds of people.

They like listeners, people who show they care and that they can read energetically. When they have to talk to someone who is unaware, rude or confrontational, libra’s can feel stuck.

They don’t want to just leave the conversation, but they also really do. That is the balancing of the libra they must learn to master. Learning when to put themselves first and when to put others first.

They’ll Put Your Feelings First

Most Libra’s are incredibly caring, fair and inclusive. They want to include everyone, and make them all smile. My partner who is a very Libra-y Libra, says he ‘sings other people’s songs’. He means, he will bend to others peoples desires, join their conversations or allow them to direct energy even when he doesn’t want them to.

He will put the feelings of those around him first because he cares so much. He will sacrifice his feelings, desires and needs for those around him.

That’s the way of the libra, wanting justice and harmony so bad that they will sacrifice their own needs for those around them.

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They Both Love and Hate Being Around People

Libra’s are known for hating being alone and being very social creatures. This really depends on the person themselves and how they were raised. Many libras enjoy company but are very picky about it.

Once again, it’s the libra’s balancing of desires that always gets them stuck. They want to interact with as many people as possible, but once they do, they can become very disappointed. Because Libra’s are so energy sensitive, interacting with just anyone can tire them and take their energy. Be careful with who you give your energy to, many people do not know how to fully give it back.

Source – SpiritScience

Libra: The Sign of The Balanced Soul
Libra: The Sign of The Balanced Soul

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