I Am Not A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Kind Of Girl

I Am Not A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Kind Of Girl


Don’t get me wrong. I will watch movies with you, a bucket of caramel corn between us, my head snuggled against your chest, our legs intertwined. I will build forts in the living room, dress in my comfiest baggy clothes, have marathons of Breaking Bad and consume copious amounts of junk food. These things will make me happy, too. But not as exciting as living our lives. Not the same as sharing memories and moments as good—even better—than what’s on the television screen

27 thoughts on “I Am Not A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Kind Of Girl”

  1. Avatar of V's Zumba

    Do what you enjoy without canonizing some and negating other experiences. Experience and offer – no need to wait and be taken anywhere. Netflix and chill could be as intimate and bonding as talking or traveling.

  2. Avatar of Fabiana Zeitter

    I' m not a girl so this problem won' t affect me haha. …but look how all these "advantages" create new problems on people. ..and some hunger for an uncommon life. You don't have to share all those activities to be happy with somebody. We used to lead more simple quiet and happy lives.. .

    1. Avatar of Fabiana Zeitter

      Yes but you don't have to climb mountains or visit 100 countries or live exciting adventures in the jungle as it is said there haha. ..spice can be found without moving from home.. .

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