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What Is Love To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Love To You Zodiac Sign

8. Scorpio in Love.. (October 23rd – November 21st)

scorpio in love
What is Love to You Scorpio

Love is passion and deep emotions

When a Scorpio in love, it’s has to be dramatic and intense for them. They find it difficult to trust and are known to make a wall around them but when truly find their ‘the one’, they drown in their emotional love for you the entire spectrum and will keep you on your toes.

They will be intense and possessive but will want their space too. Scorpions can be very jealous at times but you will never find a more loyal and dedicated partner other than them once it does “click in”.

9. Sagittarius In Love.. (November 22nd – December 21st)

sagittarius in love
What is Love to You Sagittarius

Love is exploration and mystery

Falling in love means lots of attention and openness but at the same time, Scorpians will be an elusive and free spirits.  They want to grow not just for themselves but with their partner too. Be ready for the funny, adventurous experience with this most spontaneous fiery zodiac sign.

If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius, you have to give them a lot of space. They love to keep things real, to build real closeness, they need someone to share their beliefs and walk with them to the unknown.

10. Capricorn In Love.. (December 22nd – January 19th)

capricorn in love
What is Love to You Capricorn

Love is walking together to achieve great things in life

A Capricorn loves generously but they will try to remain realistic.  They turn on the cozy vibes with their partner even if they are known to be stoic. Capricorns are persistent and straightforward and that reflects in terms of handling their relationships too.

Their seemingly cold and distant exterior turns to a warm, cuddly nature that no one presumed possible when they find the one who is patient, tender and sees them for who they are.


11. Aquarius In Love.. (January 20th – February 18th)

aquarius in love
What is Love to You Aquarius

Love is finding their soulmate

When they are in love, they will bring in humor and fierce romance.  Aquarius’s wild and independent personality will make you feel like you’re on a wild ride. They are known for showing their love in a unique way and you will love it.

This is a sign often in search of a lot of emotional excitement. If they build an intimate and intellectually stimulating relationship, they will hardly drift away

12. Pisces In Love.. (February 19th – March 20th)  

pisces in love
What is Love to You Pisces

Love is finding a connection to the soul

A Pisces honors the sensitivities in you when they fall in love. It’s important for them to understand you on a deeper level so they know your needs. This sensitive sign tends to feel too deeply and that is why love can be both glorious or heartbreaking for them, depending on how their partner treats them.

A Pisces lover is gentle, kind, sensitive, and emotional. Even without physical pleasure, they can connect to another person on a spiritual level, sensing their states and forming a sensitive bond.

Every individual is different from each other and this is because they have been born under different stars. It is therefore important for you to understand what is love to you and your partner before deciding to get into a long-lasting relationship with them.

Here astrology can come to the rescue. Understanding the signs of the zodiac and the traits and characteristics of those born under these signs becomes important since one can decide very early in the relationship whether they can handle the relationship later along in life.

love based on your zodiac sign pinopp
What Is Love To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
love based on your zodiac sign pin
What Is Love To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Love To You Zodiac Sign pin
What Is Love To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Love To You based Zodiac Sign
What Is Love To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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