How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out | 5 Sneaky Ways!

How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out 5 Sneaky Ways!

Asking a guy out can be tough. Plus, many women are too shy to ask a guy out.  Are there ways to get the guy to ask you out instead?

There sure are!

Get a Guy to Ask You Out Tip #1: Put your friend to work

Arrange for your potential suitor to join you and your friends (and his) for a get-together. No pressure just request to get everyone together for the wine tasting on Friday night.

Then, when you are sipping wine together, have your extroverted friend walk up and say, “you two would make a great couple – Jim, ask her out will you?”

This might create an embarrassing moment but who cares! You didn’t create it.  And he just might ask you out on the spot or, at least, think about it in the future.

Tip #2: Ask him for a favor

Guys love to fix things and help women. It makes us feel good by stroking our egos. Look for a situation where you can use this to your advantage. If he has a truck you could ask him to move some furniture for you.


Ask him to give you a ride somewhere that you know he is headed. This puts you in a one on one situation that could make him see you as a potential couple. Then, you can thank him by inviting him to join you for lunch or a cup of coffee.

Tip #3: Flirt using body language

Few women know how to effectively use body language. In my book Night Moves I cover this in detail. You can get a guy to ask you out by giving him a huge dose of attention. Smile. Lock eyes with him for longer than you would normally.

Compliment him in front of his friends and yours. This will naturally draw him to you. Touch him too, by putting your hand on his shoulder.

One key tip: Gauge your attention. Don’t be too aggressive or he will be turned off. Go “in and out” with your compliments, touching and smiles. This will pique his curiosity! He won’t know if you like him or you don’t and that’s what you want!

Now, he will only concentrate on you and no other women. Clever as a fox!

Tip #4: Find his passion and get him to talk about it

If he loves surfing then ask him about it. Even better, learn about it and try it! When you share a guy’s passion, he starts to equate you with his love for his passion – in other words, you increase the chances of him wanting you in his life!

Now, when he mentions going surfing, you say “bring me, bring me!” as only a woman can say in her wonderful je ne sais quoi way.


If you start asking me about writing books for women – you can damn well bet that I will give you my undivided attention.

Tip #5: Ask him what he does for fun – then lie!

This works well. Ask the guy what his plans are for the holiday weekend. When he tells you, tell him that you and your friend are going there too!

OK, you’re not but now you are. Then tell your friend that she is going whether she likes it or not and then buy her lunch.

When he sees you, this puts you in a great situation for him to ask you out in the future. It’s almost like you are having a first date without ever asking him out.

There you have it: 5 ways to get a guy to ask you out!

How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out | 5 Sneaky Ways!

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