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How Gullible Are You? Take This Optical Illusion Quiz To Know For Sure

How Gullible Are You

If you fail to nail this test, it means you have zero social skills. You believed that, didn’t you? Hey, how gullible are you?

Do you choose to believe in the good in others but at the same time hate it when people try to take you for a ride? Being gullible doesn’t mean being stupid or blindly trusting what you have been told; being gullible can also mean giving people the benefit of doubt, believing in others, and being hopeful for them. It’s not that bad to be gullible. Isn’t it?

Ever wondered how gullible are you?

A psychological personality test is doing the rounds and raking a lot of views on the internet nowadays, that claims to reveal how gullible you are based on a simple optical illusion.

The brainchild of one Charles Meriot, this See First Optical Illusion Quiz will show you an image, and the object you see first or identify first will answer the question of how gullible are you? That too, in a matter of a few seconds!

Neat, right? Want to try out this popular gullibility test? Then just take a look at the image given below and make a mental note of the object that you see first.


Here, you go!

How Gullible Are You? The Gullible Personality Test

To take this Are You Gullible test, look at the picture and tell us what do you see first?

how gullible are you?
What did you see first? Optical Illusion Test

A Penguin?


A Man?

So, what do you see first? Optical illusions like this one, use visual cues to interpret how our mind works subconsciously, and the thing that draws our attention first can tell a lot about our thinking and secret personality traits.

Scroll down to your selected option to find the answer to your question of how gullible are you?

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How Gullible Are You? Tally Your Results

1. If You Saw A Penguin

If you saw a penguin first, then it means:

  • You are a highly intuitive individual with a high emotional intelligence
  • You have a lot of experiences that have made you a wise person
  • You believe good things come to those who wait
  • You take time before placing your trust in someone
  • You are not that gullible

2. If You Saw A Man

If you saw a man first, then it means:

  • A good social life with a lot of friends is important for you
  • You try to take everyone’s views into consideration
  • You are a peacemaker among your peers
  • You often have difficulties coming to a conclusion
  • You are a gullible person who likes to trust others

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Be Yourself, But Don’t Let Others Take Advantage Of You

In today’s world, we need more people who still believe in others and will agree to stick their necks out to help a friend in need. But, whether you are a gullible person or not, keep believing in the inherent goodness of human beings, and at the same time, don’t let cunning people exploit your good nature. You have to know where to draw the line. How gullible are you? You decide!

So, what do you think about this Gullible Person Test? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts by commenting down below.

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How Gullible Are You? Take This Optical Illusion Quiz To Know For Sure

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