Are You Hooking Up, Hoping You’ll Be the Exception?


And the time and energy you could be spending towards taking action and making choices in favor of what you want is being used towards what you don’t want.  This means, you’ll keep getting more of what you don’t want — casual connections — instead of what you want — a meaningful connection.

Here’s what to do instead of hooking up, but only if you want more.

When hooking up causes you to be at a guy’s beck and call, it’s time to stop that obsession.  When you stop hooking up, you can better focus on what you want.

To get started, create your big vision of love.  Then focus on that vision of what you want, take action towards that, and make choices in favor of the love you desire.  In doing so, you’ll be moving closer to meeting that special someone.  Here are details on creating your big vision of love.

Originally appeared in Love for successful women

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Janet Ong Zimmerman, founder of Love for Successful Women, mentors women are professionally successful yet still missing that deep and meaningful love. She helps them simplify love, so they can see things clearly and know what to do. Janet's gentle and introspective manner helps her clients feel at ease, confident and hopeful about love. Her own experience of marrying her soul mate later in life has reinforced her belief any woman, at any age, can have the love they desire. Janet wholeheartedly believes there is a special someone for every woman. Janet inspires women to open their hearts to the real meaning of love through her editorial contributions to Your Tango, eHarmony, and the Huffington Post Live. Your monthly guide to love is filled with insightful articles, inspirational resources and best practices that you can put into immediate use. You canread current and past issues here.