He Just Overthinks

He Just Overthinks

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Sometimes they say,

Hey! Stop thinking too much!

Let’s keep it for another day.

But, he can’t lie to himself,

He feels like he is born this way,

And forever this will stay,

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Haunting him through night and day.

But, can he ever learn to contain his thoughts?

Friends and family,

Come up and express cares and concerns,

He tells them smilingly,

“Yeah, I am fine, just need some time.”

But, beneath it’s ripping him apart,

Drowning him over and over again,

Flashing images of uncertainty in his heart,

And he wonders how long?

Terrible headaches each night with this thought,

Leaned on the best medicine, but,

Each time one goes away other comes up untaught,

And they say, he just overthinks.

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