Arun Bahadur Gurung

The Blind Love

The Blind Love No words were felt quite enough, All the explanations seemed tough. The things which had entangled me more,

The Men In Uniform

Men In Uniform The sun was up early above the buzzing ground, The men walked past us with the roaring sound. Amazing synchrony of discipline and dignity

You and I

You speak, And I chose to write. You question, And I choose to answer. You hate, And I choose to love. You want, And I choose to give.

The Old Me

The old me, Perhaps will never fade away, For tomorrow and the rest of my life, For they are like cushions beneath my eyes.

Language Of Peace

The language of peace is so simple, a child will easily swallow. Yet we made it so complex for people to follow.

Your Love Was Her Moon

Your love was her moon, Of the glimpses in your eyes, The love rose beautifully like tides.

Learnt From A Wait

With the prayers that guided you home. I knew you could love or hate your fate, But you chose to love and learnt from a wait.

The Illness Of Adversity

O saviour, hand us a key to unlock this door and help us kill this illness of adversity.

A Loner

The pen which bleeds one such story.....