Arun Bahadur Gurung

This Year

If I had to recapture something from this year, It would be the moment, When we were near. Big numbers would fit perfectly in one small frame.

I Still Stand In Love and Light

I still stand in love and light, Drop down the blinds, That opens into the thorns and thistle. I quietly let the demons walk out the door,

Some Days Ago

Some days ago, We were catching the sunshine outside our door, Time felt like moving so fast, And now every tick counts for an hour or more.

Just Hold On For Some Days

Just Hold On For Some Days The sunset eyes, The spirals of clouds, Gobbled some pieces of day and night, Atoms of silence on the wall so loud.

Love And Kindness

Love and kindness are the best outfits you can wear anytime and anywhere.


We can never learn to fly high, With the wings soaked in doubts.


Hope is waiting for the birds again, Who flies away every evening. And leaves our hearts open, For them each morning.

Still Yet To Write

If I were to erase everything that belongs to me, I would spare my pen and thoughts for a night, Cause I am still yet to write something from my heart

A Leaf In Spring

A Leaf In Spring Don’t grief when I fall to the earth. Wait for me for the time shall pass, And you’ll see the season of rebirth.

A Question

My mind detours To the old-age question, I might not have a definite answer. Neither I am a lord nor a legend, But I do have the same question

My Imperfections

My imperfections. I love them all. Not because I embrace them as shield or armor. Cause they have lived with me all along.


Life is at peace far from the smoke of theatrics.