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What Is Your Dominant Element According To Your Hair Color

your dominant element

What color is your hair? Do you know about the different hair colors and the dominant elements they represent, and which can also give a peek into your personality?

We are all made of the Four Cardinal Elements, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each of these elements plays a very important role in forming our interior (mind – senses) and exterior (body structure).

Elements And The Destiny

According to the Alchemists, the spiritual Workers who are focused for centuries on preserving the ancient Mysteries, although we are all made of the same elements, there is an element (or elements) that is more dominant to us and plays a particularly interesting role in our appearance, health, and destiny.

The natural color of our hair is considered to be very important in defining the dominant element within each of us. Please remember that there are billion different unique colors, but the majority can be categorized in the following 5: Blonde, Brown, Ginger Red, Black, and of course Grey.

Blonde corresponds to the Element of Air, Brown to the Element of Earth, Ginger Red to the element of Fire, Black to the Element of Water, and Grey to the Ultimate Element of Spirit.

1. Blonde Hair Corresponds To The Element Of Air.

 element of air
What Is Your Dominant Element According To Your Hair Color

Did you know that Adolf Hitler was so passionate about this correspondence that he came up with the theory of the Aryan Race and started a war only to annihilate all other correspondences? He was influenced – in a really twisted way – by the real ancient Traditions of Witchcraft.

Blonde-haired people are believed to descend from the Fairies according to the Ancients. Fairies are noble creatures who follow hierarchy more than Human Race (remember king Oberon from Shakespeare).

The element of Air blesses the blonde-haired people with excellent communication skills. These people often charm others with the color of their hair and therefore broaden their social circles. They suffer from mood swings and sometimes they are lost in their magical world closing out of it all others. Once motivated, they become extremely disciplined and they can direct their power in a very potent and decisive way.

Hair Colour and the Dominant Element
Hair Colour and the Elements

2. Brown Hair Corresponds To The Element Of Earth.

element of earth
What Is Your Dominant Element According To Your Hair Color

The Children of the Earth owns the hair color that corresponds to the planet itself. The Alchemists believe that brown-haired people need to achieve proper balance. They feel closer to the forces of nature than any other color and they are great at Natural Magic. They can easily conjure not only the Element of Earth but all four Cardinal Elements (Fire-Water-Air-Earth) apart from spirit.

They need to center their Energy and ground their magical powers. Becoming one with the Earth multiplies their Powers and they can achieve really great things. They are the healers of the Planet (a power that comes from the Forest Spirits) and they have the patience to work with the rather slow forces of the Element. Walking barefoot (where is safe) can also help them a lot as it will bring balance to their energy matrix. Sexual magnetism can become a force to reckon with.

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3. Ginger-Red Hair Corresponds To The Element Of Fire.

element of fire
What Is Your Dominant Element According To Your Hair Color

They say that Ginger-Red Haired people have been kissed by Fire (or the Elementals of Fire by some traditions). It is believed that something really strange runs in their veins as the Element of Fire is really difficult to control. They have weird reactions and they love to pursue their dreams in a very unique and strange way. Just like the Elementals of Fire, the proud Salamanders sometimes seem to be REALLY crazy but the truth is they are just strongly aligned to their Will Power.

Enthusiasm is what pushes them to act with so much power. When activated they can climb the tallest mountains and swim the largest ocean. They are considered to be extremely gifted in magic especially when someone needs protection. They are passionate but when challenged they can become fierce and violent, scaring everyone around them. All they need is Passion to Live.

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