Are You Competitive Or Brutally Honest? Optical Illusion Test Reveals Your Personality


Are You Competitive Or Brutally Honest

Optical illusions are a work of art, just like this little girl skull optical illusion test, which reveals if you’re competitive or brutally honest.

They not only bewitch us with their creativity but some enlighten and alter the way we see the world around us. Did you know that some of these can even reveal hidden aspects of your personality?

Let’s learn more about the illustration in this brutally honest quiz. It is taken from the black and white painting by contemporary artist Olga Beliaeva. This painting is based on the ideas of S. Kozintsev.

Most of her painting depicts harmony and chaos and one such painting is in the quiz below.

It shows an eagle-eyed view of two girls who are wearing white dresses and playing with tarot cards.

Tarot is seen as a tool of divination, which gives clarity to a person being read. Personality tests also shed light on the traits and aspects of over lives.

So are you ready to try it out?

But there is a twist in this fun quiz, there are some viewers who first spotted a skull which is formed by the dresses and legs of the girls.

So, what did you see first in this illusion painting?

The black and white girl and skull optical illusion painting by Olga Beliaeva
The painting by Olga Beliaeva in which two girls are playing tarot cards

What you see first in this image reveals what kind of person you are. Are you competitive or brutally honest? Scroll below to find out the answers.

This Girl Skull Optical Illusion Reveals Something About Your Personality: Find Answers Below!

1. If you saw the girls playing cards

If you saw the girls playing cards

If the first thing you notice in this quiz is the two little girls, then you’re cheerful and optimistic but you don’t always exhibit your feelings in front of everyone.

There is a certain drive that keeps you going. You don’t like to lose and you’re extremely competitive. You like to win at everything and surpass others.

Don’t let your cheerful attitude be blinded by your competitiveness. As sometimes it can lead to an aggressive or self-absorbed attitude.

2. If you saw the skull first

If you saw the skull first

If you spotted the skull first in this brutally honest test then you’re trustworthy and honest.

For centuries in folklore and modernity, the skull has been seen as a symbol of warning or danger. So, when someone close to you is making bad decisions in their life, you try to warn them beforehand.

Being a brutally honest person is a risk because sometimes your honest and wise words can hurt your loved ones, even when you know that you are trying to help them.

So try to bring solutions to them in a more kind and empathic manner.

So, are you a competitive person? Or are you brutally honest? Share your result in the comments below and don’t forget to share this quiz with your family and friends.

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