20 Fun Christmas Party Games Everyone Will Love


Fun Christmas Party Games And Ideas For Everyone!

Whether you are at work, with your loved ones, or just hanging out with the kids and grown-ups alike, it’s time to celebrate. Make this holiday season happier with these 20 fun Christmas party games and ideas!

Bring people together this Christmas 2023, through these games designed for offices and homes that will create experiences extending beyond the decorations and songs. Let’s have a great time this festive season!

20 Fun Christmas Party Games And Ideas For Everyone!

Christmas Games Ideas For Adults

When hosting a festive gathering with friends or family, adult-friendly fun Christmas party games and ideas are an excellent way to add some laughter and fun into the holiday season.

Below are 5 enjoyable and easy-to-play games that can make your invitees happy and closer to each other.

1. Christmas Movie Bingo:

Why not make the classic holiday movie marathon a friendly contest? Design bingo cards that include popular Christmas film phrases or memorable moments and distribute them to your guests.

The participants mark off items on their cards as they watch the movies. The first one who shouts “Bingo” gets a small prize, which adds excitement to your celebration.

2. Secret Santa Gift Exchange:

One of the Christmas games ideas for adults is hosting Secret Santa as a funny interactive game instead of its traditional format. Let each participant bring a wrapped gift (with a set budget) that will be put at the center location.

Then, use numbers to know who chooses their gifts first. But there is a catch; players can snatch other’s gifts making it more fun by keeping others guessing.

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3. Christmas Charades:

A traditional game of charades takes on a different meaning when given a Christmas makeover. Write down several holiday-related phrases or activities on small pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.

One person acts out without speaking while others attempt to guess the word or phrase related to Christmas. This is an incredible method of breaking shy spirits and showcasing everyone’s dramatic talents.

4. Ugly Sweater Contest:

Celebrate with an Ugly Sweater Contest during this joyful season of the year. You may ask your guests to wear their wackiest Xmas sweaters; then let the merriment begin!

You might even have everyone vote for their favorite ugly sweater to determine the winner. Don’t forget to have fun rewards for the ugliest sweater wearer as you revel in funny party costumes!

5. Christmas Trivia:

One of the classic Christmas games ideas for adults is the Holiday trivia game. Test your guests’ knowledge about holiday customs, songs, and pop culture.

Prepare a list of questions that vary in complexity and have your guests divided into groups. The team that has the most correct answers at the end is crowned as the Christmas trivia champs.

Childrens Christmas Games For The Holiday Season

The holidays are here, so why not have some fun with the kids? Here are 5 childrens Christmas games that will surely keep your kids entertained as they add a touch of happiness to your celebrations.

6. Santa’s Gift Wrap Relay:

Change gift-wrapping into a race! Establish a wrapping station with papers, tapes, and bows. Divide the children into groups and give each team one gift to wrap.

The trick is that they have to take turns doing the wrapping job while having extra large Santa gloves on. The team that will complete first with the best wrapped present gets an award.

7. Snowman Building Contest:

Bring the winter snowscape inside by introducing a snowman building contest. Distribute materials such as cotton balls, construction paper, and glue.

Set a timer and let their creative juices flow. At the end of the time period, have a festive cowing session where you can award prizes for most creative, tallest or funniest looking snowmen.

8. Candy Cane Hunt:

Hide candy canes around your house or yard then let your kids go on a sweet scavenger hunt. Besides, what if different colors of candy canes were used with points assigned for each one? The child with the most points at the end gets something special this Christmas season.

9. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss:

Create some DIY reindeer antlers using pipe cleaners and headbands before setting up a ring toss game.

You may also make rings from garland in festive shapes or even purchase them from party supply stores. The idea is to throw rings onto deer antlers; hence it is an amusing game that develops eye-hand coordination while getting into seasonal mood.

10. Pin the Nose on Rudolph:

This is yet another classic game but this time with a twist for the holidays. Take a large poster of Rudolph and cut out red noses.

Blindfold the participants, turn them around and let’s see how they put Rudolph’s nose in its right place. The child who gets it closest to where it needs to be wins a special prize.

Fun Family Christmas Games For Christmas 2023

Jingle all the way. Here are five family Christmas games that will make you jingle, laugh and bring in some friendly competition into your holiday gatherings.

11. Santa Says:

A seasonal spin on the popular game Simon says, Santa Says is bound to turn your day into a joyful chaos. Identify one family member as Santa (with an improvised hat), and take turns following his festive orders.

The twist? You only follow the command if it begins with “Santa says…” It’s a funny game that will have everybody laughing and on edge throughout.

12. DIY Christmas Pictionary:

Give a creative touch to the classic Pictionary game with a Christmas theme. Make a list of holiday related words or phrases and draw these things using your artistic talents for your family to guess them right.

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13. Santa’s Sack Relay:

Add some fun competition into your Christmas party with Santa’s Sack Relay. Divide families into groups and prepare relay tracks.

Each player must race to fill Santa’s sack with presents (using wrapped boxes or soft toys). A team becomes a winner if they can completely fill up their sack first before reaching the finish line.

14. Ornament Decorating Contest:

Get creative with an Ornament Decorating Contest. Give plain ornaments along with paints, glitters, and other festive dangles.

Set a timer while waiting for artistry to happen. When it rings, appreciate every piece of art there is around you. A little bit of contest together with lots of this season spirit creates crafting joy perfectly.

15. Christmas Carol Karaoke:

This time around let us warm up our throats and spread musical joy through Christmas Carol Karaoke! Compile songs for Xmas season; print out their lyrics then begin singing spree!

Whether you hitting high notes or adding humorous approaches, just enjoy yourself as you give the season a merry tune.

Festive Office Christmas Games To Spark Cheer

But why not try some new office Christmas games instead of Secret Santa and ugly sweater contests? Here are 5 great ideas that are sure to bring joy, laughter, and a little competition to your workplace!

16. Jingle Bell Toss:

Have colleagues showcase their throwing abilities in a fun way such as Jingle Bell Toss. Arrange several targets in festive decorations with different score values and ask employees to throw the jingles at them.

It not only serves as a perfect team-building activity but also promotes friendship between co-workers bringing the Christmas mood.

17. Holiday Desk Decorating Contest:

The desk decorating contest during holidays is another example of an office dilemma.

They should be given themes like “Winter Wonderland” or “Santa’s Workshop” and see who has the wildest holiday decorations.

18. Santa’s Workshop Escape Room:

Your office space would be Santa’s workshop if he made it into an escape room – separate employees and give them a limited time to solve puzzles and problems related to Christmas.

Let alone the fact that it makes your vacations more exciting, it also promotes problem-solving ability and team spirit.

19. Stocking Stuffer Scavenger Hunt:

A typical office scavenger hunt will be more interesting if small stocking fillers are hidden all over the office.

These can contain hints or questions about Christmas trivia or company inside jokes……This will surely lighten everybody’s mood as they involve in a jolly pursuit for their Christmas party.

20. ‘Candy Cane’ Limbo:

Get rid of the coconut tree but introduce a twist of candy cane! Put together all your workmates in a line and see who will go under the candy cane without touching or knocking it down. Reduce the height for each successive turn to make it more challenging. Have fun!

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May your holiday season be filled with happiness and laughter, as you play these Christmas party games. Till then Merry Christmas 2023!

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