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From Her Winter Diary

From Her Winter Diary

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Opening my eyes to a radiant sunrise,

I see those rays showering sparkles at my place.

I glance out of the window, into the light,

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Hoping to catch a glimpse of a blissful sign,

Is it over yet?

Too weak still, couldn’t step up far away from where I reside,

I cuddle the warmth of my blanket again,

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Realizing that I’m still alive.

Not willing to grab and climb the ladder of realities today,

I just wish I could stay in bed, with nothing in my head,

To just taste the non-existence for a brief while.

So I’m rolling deep into my own world,

Where I don’t need to say a word,

No explanations, no complains,

No time limits, no deadlines,

No responsibilities, no strain,

No regrets, no pain.

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    Farzeen Khan
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