Farzeen Khan

Just a fractal in this pond. Pharmacist by profession. Writer by fate. facebook.com/ablogbyfarzeenkhan

Save A Life Maybe?

Save A Life Maybe? Why is it like, when someone dies of suicide, only then the world starts sharing about how important mental health is

Closure – An Unsent Note

Closure - An Unsent Note I have no one to tell how it takes me in. The feeling so overwhelming and a feeling that brings in fear and ecstasy all at once.

From Her Winter Diary

From Her Winter Diary Opening my eyes to a radiant sunrise, I see those rays showering sparkles at my place. I glance out of the window, into the light,

Abyss – The Unread Scribble

Abyss – The Unread Scribble A thousand colors displayed by a single being of stardust. The soul of humanity is lost within the filthy rust

As Free As A Petal

The point is, at times I just want to be as free as a petal detached from the rose. The one that is carried away by the wind to places it has never been to.


Trough The center of this world is sadness and test, Amid the tastes of emotions as major quest. The truth is evident, as colors of decree,


Purple In any way possible, you can't keep an account of what's immeasurable. The pain, the damage, the aggression, the love, and hatred.

To All the Friends I’ve Lost

To All the Friends I've Lost Do we even realize, how fast our lives are on the go? So as I sit here in my living room, and contemplate the life I have lived

The Existence Of Our Being

The existence of our very being is not just you and me, it has associations and affiliations. Bonds and strings attached.

What Matters

What Matters That night I was sure, that I needed to ask him and free myself. Free from the clouding thoughts and ambiguities,

Not Every Love Story Is The Same

It's a tale of how two souls, connected by a typical love story, only to read each other and then part ways for they just have to.