Finding the Light in the Dark

Don’t use personal development as a weapon. Personal growth, self-help, spiritual work…these are meant to foster evolution, connect you more deeply with awareness, consciousness, old wounds and patterns. To guide you to these transformative spaces where you question everything in order to shed layers. There is no measuring stick in this space, there is no way you “should” be or a right way to do it. It’s not the place to compare yourself or judge your “progress” along the path. Most likely, if you are here, you are doing just fine.

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Finally, courage. The root of courage, “cor” comes from Latin for heart. Have heart. You aren’t alone. There are always people to guide you. There are always people walking alongside you. There are always people standing in the same gap, wondering what’s next or how to illuminate the path ahead. Have heart. Find your heart. You’ll know what to do.

This is exactly where you will find your LIGHT.

By Dr. Nandi Hetenyi  (Find authors profile below)


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Dr. Nandi Hetenyi is a counselor, mentor of transformation, shamanic healer, energy worker, writer and workshop facilitator trained as a clinical psychologist. She has a gift for seeing what is blocking your way, going beneath the surface to shine the light, dust off your spirit and guide you in healing the shadows. She is a soul doctor with 15 years of experience in personal growth, transformation, spirituality and clinical psychology.
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