Emotional Strings

String of emotions tugging upon thy heart

having fun

enjoying the play

why not it’s only life either live or become non-existence

the belief of one’s faith connected by the multitude of like minded souls

can be of good or sinister lust on shaking grounds

a string of emotions upon thy heart

without a notice

change occurs and every which directions are hidden agenda over

floods the heart with nonexplainable emotions

the living experience of  life lessons

awaken my mind with thundering thoughts pounding so loud intensive migraine cripples my whole being with pain

a string of emotions tugging at thy heart

my stubborn soul oh my dear stubborn soul center deep down in the ocean heart

drifting everlasting dreams and visions

Love holds me so tightly this reality seems non-existence through my observing eyes my wandering mind and sleepless night has no ended

strings of emotions tugging upon thy heart…

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