What Emotion is Your Subconscious Hiding?

Every person has within them an emotion which their subconscious is hiding. Some people have many repressed emotions, but one type is being hidden more so than the others.

It was the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who first posited the idea that humans have nine basic categories of emotion. All of these combine and work together to make up the rich tapestry of human feeling which we all experience.

The first is anger, which is known by everyone and can be very sneaky, popping out of nowhere if you are unable to control it. The second is friendship and the third is fear, which is lacking courage. Fourth is shame, a lack of overall confidence and negative thoughts about thoughts, actions, and choices we have made in the past. Next is kindness, or benevolence, which is sincere acts of goodness done to and for others. The sixth is pity, when we feel sorry for others. Seventh is indignation, the feeling of anger we sometimes get when we perceive something to be unfair. Next is envy which refers to the feelings of jealousy that people sometimes develop. The ninth and greatest is love, the emotion that ties us all together and keeps us from destroying one another, in light of all the other negative emotions covered above. combination of the above listed emotions. Love is the incredibly strong feelings of attachment and need we develop for someone else, especially our family, friends, and significant others.

Reveal your hidden, subconscious emotion by choosing the Tarot cards that catch your attention and speak to your soul!


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  1. Anger!
    Your subconscious is hiding a deeply rooted anger. You have a chip on your shoulder and bone to pick with someone. The Tarot reveal that you may have experienced a profound injustice in your life or been deeply hurt by those who were supposed to love and protect you. Conversely, you may be deeply angered by a social or political situation happening around you. Regardless, you are strongly aware of the problems around you and you have an impressive passion to set things straight and fix the damage that’s been done. If you channel your anger into fighting for what’s right and fair, you have the potential to make big changes in the world. The past may be holding you back: learn to LET GO!

    Surprisingly…SPOT ON analysis!!! :O

  2. JOY dont know if it is accurate!! I feel joyous but have some down moments… I spent 3 weeks of un interrupted joy while I was travelling..and solo!..
    CAN YOU PLEASE CLARIFY THESE PAGE..take out that black ribbon on top and take away the ads that impedes our vision of the acrticlae..? thank you