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I take a brush and then some paint
And close my eyes to see
A picture of the girl I paint
Who’s waiting out there for me

I paint her lips and then her face
And then I see her smile
The smile I see all night and day
And not just once in a while

I quickly paint her brows and nose
And then slowly paint her eyes
Deep and silent place of love
The one where heaven lies

All black and long I paint her hair
And lose myself just there
Her face is painted subtle and divine
Just like a simple prayer

I said myself I’ll love her like
No one has ever before
I’ll Keep her happy and make her smile
And then maybe some more

I rest my brush and wipe my smile
And open my eyes to see
There’s no picture there’s no girl
I’m just talking to me

I can’t paint her like I want
And then simply compare
I’ll have to know and talk to her
To be honest and fair

For I’m no Prince to choose and say
That’s how she should be
I’m just a guy with a simple heart
And that’s how I’m going to be

So I let her choose and give her space
To see if I’m any good
If that’s the way she finds me nice
Then that’s the way she should

I drop my brush and wipe the paint
And open my eyes to see
I simply have to love the girl
Who’s waiting out there for me

-Siddharth Khetan