You Don’t Miss The Person, But The Idea Of That Person

You Don’t Miss The Person, But The Idea Of That Person

You Don’t Miss The Person, But The Idea Of That Person

Missing someone is mere the overpowering infatuations

We often hear people drifting apart reasoning it with the words that “you are changed”. But is it so easy for a person to change entirely or did we lack in our attempts to understand the actual personality?

You Don’t Miss The Person, But The Idea Of That Person

There must not be any second thoughts for the fact that people take time to unveil their actual personality and hence it is because of your misinterpreted thoughts that led to a wrong relationship.

No matter what, the attachment and bond of affection, when breaks off, bleeds the pain from your heart. The pain is so intense that it suffocates you every time you get prey to nostalgia. Memories creates blunder in your so-called sorted single life. Yes, you got this right. It is the memories, the idea of spending those cherishable moments with that special someone, which pricks you every now and then.

You are well aware of the nasty behavior he showed towards you. You feel pained of recalling the times when he hurts you but the happy memories always manage to overpower the days of gloom. This is the manipulated creation of your brain. It creates an image of the guy which personifies perfection in every sense, no matter how far he is from that image of your dream prince. Hence it is the framing of the fairy tales where you miss being in that perfect world which although never existed.

The fear rules your mind

Perhaps you spent some of the best days of your life with that one person. Perhaps he made every effort to show you an entirely new world. Perhaps he made you feel as the queen of the world. The “idea” of him being so perfect, terrifies you with the possibilities of not finding a person like him in the future. You want to console yourself for the loss of this person but the fear dominates your senses. In no way, you want to settle down for a guy that is lesser than the one you created in your ‘imaginations’.

Solitude empowers nostalgia

Solitude acts as the worst enemy after your breakup. It floods your mind with the thoughts of the person who was so special in your life once. No matter how hard you try to move on, every night brings back the memories thereby leaving you stuck at the initial spot only. But the question here is that why do you miss him only when you are alone? A person you actually love can never go out of your mind and senses even in the moments when you are too busy to even breathe. But when the case is opposite, you are actually searching for a companion to help you smile and overcome the loneliness. You want a partner to help you survive the hardship. Hence, you are actually looking for just an escape.

You want to fall in love with yourself all over again

Every time you feel pained, you miss the emotional flow within you when he made you feel special, when he did something out of the world to bring a curve on your face and to make you feel worth loving. You miss and embrace the moments you both created together. Ultimately you just crave to get back that happiness. The past memories in a way subjugate you to the interpretations you have about that ‘perfect relationship’ which although had many flaws.

In order to get over that filthy relationship that demanded you to change as a person, you need to overcome the idea and misinterpretation of that person being so perfect. Once you will accept that you are playing games with your mind, you will find ways to break through it.

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27 thoughts on “You Don’t Miss The Person, But The Idea Of That Person”

  1. Maybe sometimes it’s like that. But other times or even once in a lifetime, when you met the very special person, that fits in your life in any or better to say every way- You’ll miss the person, not the idea of them.
    Therefore there is always hope that the absence is just temporary.
    Eye really believe that. And in US! 😀 🙂

  2. Spoken from an extroverted point of view. Introverts use people less (for being more autonomous), so their missing people doesn’t involve missing usage. They also have more of a sense of depth of character, so it’s more about liking you for who you ARE rather than what you DO for them. Once you betray an introvert, you’re not welcomed back. On the other hand, introverts admit mistakes easier and forgive easier once the reasons for the offence are brought to light.

  3. It depends on how much you really know the it only your imagination or is it true…..this person scares you.or is an escape to defend yourself from his feelings for her or him , it will be worthwhile to deepen their friendship,
    you have to decide whether to give yourself a chance

  4. Good read. Yet, i think the ultimate understanding of it all comes down to knowing the person well before confessing Love. I truly believe that love is only that of the Soul, and the only true Love is the mature love. Having said that i believe too
    Many people confuse real Love with lust, attraction or suffer of Low self-esteem that they take in anyone who shows interest.

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