40+ Date Night Ideas According To Your Love Language

Date Night Ideas

4. Going on a camping trip together is one of the most romantic ways of spending quality time with each other. Spending a few nights under the stars with no one and nothing to interrupt you, you can have beautiful and meaningful conversations with each other, all night long.

5. Working out together is another amazing way of spending a lot of time with each other. Sweating it out at the gym or indulging in some relaxing yoga will pump you up with endorphins and both of you will feel happier.

6. Visit the farmer’s market together, shop to your hearts’ content, and go back home and whip up a delicious meal. What’s better than having a candlelight dinner that is lovingly cooked by you both?

7. Recreate the very first date both of you had together. Wear the clothes you wore then, do what you did when you first met each other, and reminisce about how far both of you and your relationship has come from that first date.

8. Simply lounge around on your bed or couch all day in your pajamas and relax. Watch a movie if you want, sleep in together, cuddle, make love, or whatever you want to do, as long as you are both together.

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b) Physical Touch

1. Hire a babysitter to look after your kid for an evening, and organize a spa session at home. Light up some scented candles, indulge in an aromatherapy bath and give each other relaxing and sensual massages.

2. Go on a romantic walk together in a scenic location. Hold hands and hug each other as you take in your beautiful surroundings, and if you are lucky, you can also catch the beautiful sunset.

3. Switch on the hot tub or take a dip together in the swimming pool. Make sure that you are snuggling in close to each other!

4. Take dance classes together, as this will ensure that you are always touching each other. Going for salsa, bachata, ballet, and tango classes can heat things up between you two and will make sure that the romance is at its peak.

5. Book a couples’ yoga class and do all the couples’ poses together. If both of you are able to nail all the poses, then that’s an amazing thing! But in case you falter and struggle, you will still have fun and will have sweet memories.

6. Play sports together. If you are good at a sport he is not, you can show him and guide him through it. And if he is good at a sport you are not, then he can show you how to go about with it, with a lot of touching and romance.

7. Play sexy games with each other, that will lead to some steamy action between the sheets. You can buy naughty games online, or you can build your own. Whichever option you choose, be rest assured that the passion will reach new heights!

8. Go ice skating or roller skating. Even if both of you are amazing at that, you will still end up having a lot of fun, and if you are not, then just imagine the laughter and goofiness that will ensue when both of you will be constantly falling on each other!

Date nights love language
40+ Date Night Ideas According To Your Love Language

c) Receiving Gifts

1. Surprise your partner on your anniversary with all the things they always wanted to buy, but never did. Getting all their dream gifts will make their heart leap with joy.

2. Take pottery or painting classes, and gift each other your finished products. You are not only giving them gifts, but you are also giving them the fruits of your efforts, which make it even more special and meaningful.

3. Throw them their dream birthday party, and get all their favorite foods and gifts.

4. Whenever you go for a walk, or when you are on your way home, get them a little something. It doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant all the time; as long as it’s meaningful and has a lot of love. For example, their favorite flowers or their favorite cake.

5. Go on a shopping spree together and buy each other all of your favorite things. This will not just make both of you happy from receiving the gifts, but you will also get to spend a lot of quality time together.

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