Daily Tarot Forecast General And Love – 23 February 2018

Daily Tarot Forecast General And Love - 23 February 2018

Daily Tarot Forecast General And Love – 23 February 2018


Daily Tarot Forecast for Aries:

The Magician

After the tiring day yesterday, today’s will be a solace for the battered hearts. You’ve this indomitable courage and will, which can help you sail today. Everything you’ll take up might be good for you. Many of you are pondering over starting something and may get leads for it. For some of you today’s the day of your new venture, the first step and know that when the starting is good, all’s well in future too.

Love Reading: Lovely communication & connection with your love. Go out, make merry and just celebrate being together. Many of you might pop the question today!!!


Daily Tarot Forecast for Taurus:

Ace of Swords

There might be some glitches at work and your temperament might be feeling the pinch, but the best part is that it’s in routine with the upcoming opportunities and success you’re going to have today. Clinching that deal will be easy even with challenges and you’ll see that because of one win there’s more doors opening. Keep up the faith even if you can’t see tangible results as work is being done for you subtly.

Love Reading: You’ll know how to manoeuvre and go around people and it’s not bad as it’ll help you get what you want from your relationship and that’s tranquility and acceptance, both will be given easily.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Gemini:

The Lovers

Angels suggest that you not let your mind play you. Whatever be the situation or the issue the more you’ll think, the more misleading it’ll become. Today’s a day to communicate openly about your feelings rather than overthinking. Be it your colleague, your family, friends; if somethings bothering you communicate but the same time the communication must be loving and calm, not frustrated or quarrelsome. A great day to connect to your intuition and know the mystery so meditate.

Love Reading: You’re quite sure of yourself about your love & where do you want it to lead. You’ll try to be sensitive and understanding today as you want to change the relationship. Still discord and differences will be palpable and grating.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Cancer:

Page of Pentacles

Too much ideologies, too much thinking, too much worries and no action might mar your day. At times you become so engrossed in “what should have been” you ignore “what can be done” and that kind of creates issues. So, for today be alert, present and conscious not to overtax yourself in thinking about the past but try to bring in the desired solutions to the present. Make a move, don’t just dream about ideas.

Love Reading: Keep your emotions balanced and know deep down that everything’s will be for your highest good in this relationship. If you’re awaiting an answer from your date or gf/bf to take the relationship one step ahead, you know deep within what can be the answer. Keep your calm and hope for the best.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Leo:

Two of Wands

A day to be content with yourself and know that you can get all that you desire for with your own strength that you display as a person. You’ve all the right inclination and intention and that’s what matters. Give gratitude for everything you’ve in your life. Be sure that when you know and remember the truth you’ll be blessed with more. Let this day be about opening your heart wide with happiness and thankfulness.

Love Reading: A marriage, an engagement official or not official both on the cards. You might meet the right person or just bump into. A lovely day to deepen your relationship and communicate lovingly & openly.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Virgo:

The Tower Reversed

There might be opportunities that you should not miss but you’ll not take them up as you’re fearful and doubtful about your own abilities. You know that the opportunities that seem to open up will require more than effort from you, they’ll require change and in a good way but even when not satisfied with current situation you’re not ready for change. Not a good day to make decisions.

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