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What Shade Is Your Personality: The Colors You Choose Say Something About Your Personality

Did you know that there is an inherent connection between colors and personality? Your favorite color says a lot about you as a person.

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So, what’s your favourite colour?

Everyone has their favorite colors. For some this favorite color does not remain the same throughout their lives. Instead, it changes over time. Every color that you end up liking or feeling drawn to, incites a psychological response in your brain. Another interesting fact about having a favorite color is that sometimes they can add to your life in a myriad of ways.

For example, it is believed that if you choose blue as your office color, it increases productivity. If you color the walls of your home yellow, then it makes you feel optimistic and happy. And so on.

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Many scientists over time, have proven that colors subtly influence your perceptions. Your choice of colors also reflects the workings of your psyche, your attitude, and much of your personality. In short, your favorite colors can provide a deep insight into the kind of person you are, how your personality is, and how you think, and function.

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When you come across a color that speaks to you, it will most probably be the default shade you will end up choosing, whenever you come across any sort of color selection palette. Once you know you have a favorite color, you will always prefer to have that when you buy something.

For example, your favorite color is black, and you are planning on buying a car. No matter how attractive the other colors might look, you will naturally gravitate towards wanting the black model.

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Here is a test that will help you determine the connection your favourite colour has with your personality.

Are you ready to know?

Play this simple game by answering the following questions and you are good to go.

Share your results with your friends and family.

If you want to know more about color psychology, and what your favorite color can say about your personality, then check this video out below:

Colors and Personality
Shade Your Personality Choose Say About Personality Pin
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