The Psychology Of Colors: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

The Psychology Of Colors: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What you do in your life, each and everything always has a psychological reason behind it. Your likes, dislikes, choices, opinions, and actions, everything means something. Similarly, according to the psychology of colors, your favorite color says a lot about you, your personality, and who you are as a person.

You might not showcase or exhibit each and every characteristic associated with your favorite color, but you will be able to relate to it to a large extent.

The Psychology Of Colors: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

1. Blue

Psychology Of Colors - Blue

If your favorite color is blue, then you are a very trustworthy, dependable, and calm person. Just like the ocean which the color represents, you are perceived as very cool-headed and sure from the outside. But from the inside, you have a stormy side to yourself. Peace, joy, and harmony are very important to you.

As a person, you are extremely caring, loving, and protective of the people you love and consider the closest to you. 

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2. Red

Psychology Of Colors - Red

As per the psychology of colors, if your favorite color is red, then you are a very energetic, vivacious, loud, and bold person. You are adventurous, spontaneous, and have a thirst for anything that gives you an adrenaline rush.

You love being in the limelight and never hesitate from the chance to shine. As a person, you are very competitive, ambitious, and passionate, and always focus on living your best life.

3. Green 

Psychology Of Colors - Green

People who love green are considered to be loyal, pragmatic, and consistent. An extremely generous person, you always show kindness to others and believe in helping people as much as you can.

Always very well-balanced and stable, people come to you for good advice and guidance and you are more than happy to do that for them. Your sense of self-respect and dignity makes people look up to you and respect you a lot.

4. Black

Psychology Of Colors - Black

According to the psychology of colors, if your favorite color is black, then you are a very determined and strong individual, who desires status, prestige, and power, and is never afraid to go after what they want. Extremely ambitious, you stop at anything to fulfill your goals and achieve your dreams. Because of your strong and never-say-die attitude, most people around you tend to feel intimidated by you.

A natural-born leader, you feel at home when you have the opportunity to lead people. And just like the color black, your sophistication, elegance, and timelessness never go out of style.

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5. White

Psychology Of Colors - White

You are a person who loves peace, calm, positivity, and simplicity. Optimism is your middle name, and you always choose to see the best in people. You are not someone who likes to take risks and always prefers to play it safe.

A naturally happy person, your positive attitude reflects on other people, and that’s why they love being around you. You are independent and self-sufficient and enjoy spending time alone.

6. Brown

Psychology Of Colors - Brown

If your favorite color is brown, then you are someone who is always looking for comfort, familiarity, and stability. You are an extremely reliable, humble, and loyal person, which is why you make an amazing partner, parent, and friend.

You are hard-working and industrious, but you also have a sweeter side that makes other people want to open up to you and confide in you.

7. Yellow

Psychology Of Colors - Yellow

If you are a yellow lover, then you are a curious soul who is always looking to learn and try out new things. Self-fulfillment and happiness are right at the top of your list. You like cheering people up even if you don’t feel as cheerful yourself. Extremely intelligent and laser-focused, you are normally always the smartest person in the room.

Even though you come across as a very happy person from the outside, you choose to put on a smile and brave face and try to conceal the pain you feel on the inside. You don’t open up very easily and do so only if you trust someone a lot.

8. Pink

Psychology Of Colors - Pink

You are the heart of all colors. You are a person who is sensitive, loving, caring, kind, and full of warmth. You love nurturing people, who believe in giving more than what they receive. An idealistic person, you are very sensual and romantic, and also have a charming and sweet side to yourself.

People always go to you for peace and comfort, and you always try your best to help others as much as you can. Another personality trait that makes you a very lovable person is your naivety and child-like nature. 

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