The BLOB TREE Psycho-Emotional Test: What Kind of a Person You Are

blob TREE Psycho Emotional Test

If you chose Figure 11

Youre the cherished person

You’re the cherished person in your social circle, the confidant of your friends.

Your friends trust you with their secrets, and you’re also the go-to person for advice and hugs. You’re communicative, and the happiest when in the company of your peeps.

If you chose Figure 12

person with an active social life

You are a person with an active social life, and always ready to provide emotional support to your friends.

You’re outgoing, eager to have a good time with buddies. You prioritize loved ones, and they ensure that you’re never lonely or bored.

If you chose Figure 13

locked within yourself

You are locked within yourself, and prefer alone time over hanging out with others.

However, being introverted can lead to overthinking and worrying, which reduces productivity. To overcome your bouts of anxiety, try communicating with like-minded people.

If you chose Figure 14

person suffering from internal turmoils

You are a person suffering from internal turmoils that have left you emotionally drained.

You are exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and in urgent need of rejuvenation. To tackle this crisis situation, seek help from loved ones or a professional; there are always people willing to help you feel better.

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If you chose Figure 15

person who has adapted well

You’re a person who has adapted well to his/her environment, and have a positive outlook.

Currently, you enjoy a comfortable and stable position in life. You are well-adjusted to society, and enjoy a sense of wellbeing. 

If you chose Figure 16

supportive person and feel responsible

You’re a supportive person and feel responsible for someone very special to you.

Your nurturing qualities are appreciated, and that makes you feel rewarded. Sometimes, you might feel tired of being the responsible one- don’t feel guilty; no one will blame you if you need some space.

If you chose Figure 17

person who enjoys attention

You’re a person who enjoys attention, and likes feeling looked-after and secure.

While you enjoy being pampered, you are also valued as a helpful friend. Don’t be afraid to set out on your own path; it can open up fresh opportunities in your career.

If you chose Figure 18

sociable easygoing person

You are a sociable, easy-going person who feels safest in the company of loved ones.

Having an exciting social life is essential for your overall happiness. Your people skills are on point and your friends rely on you as their go-to person.

If you chose Figure 19

kind hearted person

You are a kind-hearted person who is always ready to lend support to people in need.

You sympathize well with others, and this quality manifests in your professional choices too. Being an empathetic person brings you personal satisfaction.

If you chose Figure 20

person exaggerated sense

You’re a person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance and always wants to be heard.

While you are born with leadership skills, that isn’t enough to become the successful leader you dream of becoming. Humility is a key trait of successful people, and if you can work on it, your journey is sure to become simpler and more enjoyable.

If you chose Figure 21

Youre not at peace with yourself

You’re not at peace with yourself, even though you have reached the topmost rungs in the ladder of success.

You have shut yourself from others, and this only makes you more bitter and brooding. You should try opening up to your loved ones about your feelings, and take conscious steps to manage your stress levels.

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Hope this article has helped you develop insight into your own life. Let us know which blob figure you identified with, in the comment section below.

Reference  Big Book of Blob Trees (Blobs) 1st Edition by Pip Wilson

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