Can You Match the Albert Einstein IQ? Test Your Skills With Tricky Math Equations in 15 Seconds!


Albert Einstein IQ Test: Can You Solve This Tricky Question

Get ready for the biggest math challenge you’ve ever heard of! Do you think you can solve this complicated equation in under 15 seconds? Most people can’t. Only the smartest will. Think you have what it takes to beat the Albert Einstein IQ?

Let’s find out.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves here, math wasn’t everyone’s favorite subject in school.

But do you know that solving mathematical picture puzzles is a great way to work on your cognitive function and give your brain some exercise? So what are you waiting for? 

Let us give this brain teaser a go!

Mental IQ Test: Solve This Tricky Math Equation in 15 Seconds To Prove You Have Albert Einstein IQ!

Take a look at the image above. You’ll see three sums with their respective solutions, but there’s one problem with the image: all of the numbers in the sum have been substituted with fruits.

There is a fourth sum at the bottom that does not have a solution, and it is your responsibility to figure out how to solve it.

Replace The Fruits With Numbers To Solve This Equation

The problem is essentially algebraic, as you can change the fruits with letters to break things down into sums that may be more familiar to you.

For example, the top total is Apple + Apple + Apple = 30. This can also be expressed as A + A + A = 30, which is equivalent to 3A = 30. 

To calculate this sum, simply divide 30 by 3 to get the value of A, which equals 10 (and thus the apple).

Now that you know Apple = 10, you may use it to calculate the other sums containing apples. In the second calculation, one apple + two bunches of bananas equals 18.

If you know the apple is worth ten, the banana bunches must be eight apiece, making one bunch equal to four.

Can you solve the last puzzle with all of this knowledge? 

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You’ll need to be a genius like Einstein to get the answer in 15 seconds — so if you’re going for that title, you better do it quickly.

Scroll Down To Check the Einstein Mental IQ Test With Answer!

In the penultimate question, subtracting two cherries from a bunch of bananas equals two. Knowing that bananas are worth four, cherries must add up to two, making one cherry worth one.

Because the final amount contains three bananas rather than four, each banana is deemed to be worth one.

Thus, the final addition is 1 + 10 + 3, giving the final solution of 14. Did you get it?

What It Means

Solving the Puzzle in 10 Seconds: Great job! Your sharp eye and quick brain make you look like a professional detective!

Solving the Puzzle in 15 Seconds: Incredible, you have Albert Einstein IQ! You’re really good at finding answers. Congratulations on your great eye for detail.

Solving the Puzzle in 20 seconds: Picture Puzzles can be hard, but you’re making it seem easy. You’re doing a great job!

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Let us know what you think of this mental IQ test with answers and show us your results! Your feedback helps us make sure future players have a good time as well.

Anything that surprised you? Did you learn anything fun? We’d love to hear about it. Thanks again for all your help, it means a lot.

For some added fun (and maybe even some friendly rivalry), ask family members if they want to try it out too.

Mental IQ Test

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