Which Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant? Creative or Logical

Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant

Which Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant? Are you a right-brain or left-brain thinker?

You may have come across these questions about the dominant brain on social media, television shows and books as well. Right?

The human brain can be split into two parts; the left side and the right side. Each half is commonly associated with different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, ways of thinking, and other such types of attributes.

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The following is a general breakdown of some of the main characteristics that each side is most often connected with:

Left-brain dominant people are said to be more analytical, objective, and logical thinkers. People with this dominant brain are good at solving math and similar types of logic-oriented problems, which often leads to them quickly learning and excelling at new things. They like to delve deep into scientific pursuits and plan things out in advance, making to-do lists and checking up on their progress as they go.

In comparison, right-brain dominant people are more creative and expressive thinkers. They have strong imaginations and approach problems or issues with different, alternative types of solutions. People with this dominant brain tend to be more spontaneous and emotional and often act on their feelings and intuition. Since they are more expressive they excel at artistic pursuits like painting and music.

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By knowing what is your dominant brain, you can work on your strength or weakness in certain areas. It will help you figure out better ways to learn and study.

This cognitive psychology quiz can quickly reveal what your dominant brain side happens to be. Try it out now and see if what you guess to be your dominant brain side matches up with the results, they may be of surprise to you!

According to the images you pick. your fate will be chosen, are you logical, creative, or a rare case of both? Click the “Let’s Play!” button to start and remember to share with your friends and family so you can all compare results. As always, have fun and enjoy it!

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Which Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant? Creative or Logical

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