I Was Born With A Soul That Is Way Too Sensitive

 April 29, 2018

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I Was Born With A Soul That Is Way Too Sensitive

I was born with a soul that is way too sensitive for this cold and ugly world, I have always felt things deeply and differently than most people. That has always been my blessing and my curse.

– Reggie Nulan –

11 comments on “I Was Born With A Soul That Is Way Too Sensitive

  1. Yea but I also find fault easily I’m sensitive to the “wickedness” of others.Although this can be seen as a gift.They also say you see yourself clearly in others.This shits confusing lol

  2. The Ancient One is the First Soul (Shiva, Adam),
    and that Soul realized Himself to be GOD (Paramatma, Father).
    That Soul is known as the God-Man Who periodically returns every 700 to 1400 years
    from His blissful state of Infinite Consciousness,
    Sat-Chit-Ananda, to work in creation.
    Meher Baba <3
    I am not limited by this form. I use it like a garments to make my self visible to you, and I communicate with you. Don't try to understand me. My depth is unfathomable. Just love me I eternally enjoy the christ – state of consciousness, and when I speak I shall manifest my true self; besides giving a general push to the world, I shall lead all those who come to me towards light & Truth.
    When it is recognised that there are no claims greater than the claim of the universal Divine Life, which without exception, includes everyone and everything, Love will not only establish peace, harmony and happiness in social, national and international spheres, but it will shine in its own purity and beauty.
    From- The Unstruck Music of Meher Baba, p.366.

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