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Can You Solve This Viral Math Problem? Quiz

Can You Solve This Viral Math Problem

This basic math problem went viral because even some of the smartest people are not being able to solve it! Can you solve it, though?

Math is a big topic in the United States, most notably because we’re badly falling behind the rest of the world in terms of mathematical comprehension.

Students in the U.S. are improving but still lagging behind the rest of the world. According to the most recent Pew study, American students scored #35 worldwide in math.

That ain’t good.

This viral math problem is incredibly unique, not because it’s an interesting problem, but because it went totally viral in Japan. Only 60% of people in their 20’s could answer it. The same question in the 1980s could be answered by 90% of Americans in their 20’s.

Can you solve this math problem?

This Basic Math Problem Went Viral Because Most People Can't Solve It - Mind Game

Tried? Let’s see what the correct answer is, in the video below

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Can You Solve This Viral Math Problem
Can You Solve This Viral Math Problem

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