Are You Empathetic

Are You Empathetic

ARE YOU EMPATHETIC? Answer the following questions. If you say YES to 5 or more, you are likely to be very empathetic (perhaps even psychic):

1. Does your mood change according to who you are with?
2. Do you find large groups of people overwhelming?
3. Do you feel drained after being around people?
4. Do you have a tendency to take on problems and worries of others?
5. Do you have a hard time telling how you truely feel at times?
6. Do children and animals respond warmly to you?
7. Are you a touchy-feely kind of person?
8. Can you sometimes sense when someone is sad even if they are smiling?

Empathy is when we FEEL for others, both their joy and pain. If we are strongly empathetic, someone else’s feelings can register so strongly on us, we assume they are our feelings. This can be a very confusing experience unless you realize what is going on.

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Sam Beamer

Yes to all except #5.… Read more »

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