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30 Ways You Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25

ways accidently ruin life

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not doing enough meaningful and enjoyable things in life and your life is just passing by? Even when you think you’re making the right choices, you might take many wrong steps unknowingly, especially after graduating from school, which can affect your future in an unpleasant way. We don’t mean grave mistakes that have legal repercussions, but there can still be many mistakes in the everyday choices you make that can accidentally ruin your life by the time you’re 25.

30 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25

1. Take up a job that’s not satisfying or inspiring, with the sole purpose of paying your bills, and then you adjust, instead of shifting to a line of work you’re truly passionate about.

2. Be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t challenge you enough, but you ignore it and continue dating that person because that’s the easier thing to do and you couldn’t muster the guts to be single.

3. Choosing an education degree that your parents wanted you to study instead of following your heart and getting educated (can be institutional or experiential learning) in something you always wanted to pursue.

4. Getting stuck in one place, when in reality, you wish to explore more places and lead an adventurous life.

5. Moving from one place to another and travelling continuously when you actually want to settle down in one place.

6. Becoming unhealthily attached to a specific part of your identity, so you stop experimenting, changing, and hence, growing in life.

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7. Become so preoccupied with saving money that you forget to invest in your current life and enjoy the present moment that’s passing by.

8. Make being rich, fit, and more qualified your primary goals, so you continuously neglect the things that you want to experience in life, and tell yourself that you’ll do those things once you’ve achieved your primary goals.

9. Take all the major life decisions based on your insecurities and fear of rejection rather than focusing on the potential for growth.

10. Not loving freely, but loving only those people that make sense for you to love.

11. Get you heart broken and depend on other people to mend it, instead of taking responsibility to fix things yourself.

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12. Be stuck in the past and spend too much time with past memories, so that you forget to focus on the present and ensure that you build a solid future.

13. Get obsessed with a person who makes you fall out of love with yourself in the process of loving them.

14. Keep pondering and obsessing over what you think you deserve instead of actually doing things in real life and fighting for the things you want.

15. Expect that life will be fair and like a cakewalk all the time.

16. Let your life be driven by your emotions instead of being prudent enough to restrict them to the passenger’s seat.

17. Numb your emotions, to protect yourself from heartbreaks and pain, to the point where you hold yourself back from making genuine connections with people anymore.

18. Allow your fear of being criticized and mocked triumph over the need to be your authentic self.

19. Focus on seeking short-term thrills instead of concentrating on long-term contentment and fulfillment.

20. Become blindly goal-oriented such that all your time is invested in the pursuit of the next goals you want to achieve, without a moment’s time to truly enjoy and appreciate the present.

21. Believe that the void of not having a loving relationship with yourself can be filled by developing superfluous relationships with more number of people.

22. Think that the relationship you share with yourself in enough to make up for the complete lack in good relationships with other people.

23. Refuse to take chances, be proactive, and make the first move in any situation unless you are completely sure that your actions will lead to success.

24.Protect yourself from failure and the plethora of lessons it could teach you.

24. Afraid of failing, hence guarding yourself against potential failures, and the numerous life-changing, valuable lessons they could teach.

25. Forget to pause and think about your actions from time to time; never give a thought to all the ways in which you could be sabotaging your own growth in life.

26. Scared to move out of your comfort zone and have experiences that might be uncomfortable in the beginning, but are some of the best things to experience in life.

27. Waiting for life’s miracles to happen to you, instead of having the courage and strength to work consistently, and take calculated risks to achieve the things you want in life.

28. Scared to speak up and communicate your thoughts- no one will magically understand how you feel if you don’t express yourself clearly and confidently.

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29. Let a few failed relationships affect you so much that you close the door to love forever.

30. Don’t forgive yourself and reconcile with the mistakes you made, instead of learning from them and moving forward.

Wake-up calls aren’t hard to come by, choosing to answer them and take action instead of ignoring the call is the difficult part. After reading this article, you might feel that you’ve taken a few wrong steps along the way– so don’t continue with them just because it’s the easier thing to do! You know that if you don’t make changes, if you don’t look for a way out of the cycle, it will ruin you eventually.

30 Ways You Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25
Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25
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