A Letter to Those Affected By My Anxiety – MIND TALK

 October 14, 2015

I wish you didn’t have to deal with this; Ironically, you seem to feel the same way about me. So this is a learning process for both of us. I promise to keep trying to find new ways to cope with my anxiety. In return, I simply ask that you keep being my friend, even if don’t always deserve it. Friendships like ours are often what keep my head just above the water. And that means everything to me.

Thank you,
Your Friend

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8 comments on “A Letter to Those Affected By My Anxiety – MIND TALK

  1. Love, love, love your letter – I have struggled to define what it is like other than I am being smothered (like with a pillow) and NO, I can't stop it either – I do take meds for it and they help to a degree. I also have clinical depression and am on the max. dosage my doctor will allow, when I battle the two together – I am in really bad shape. Sometimes I can override some of my depression by telling myself it is going to be ok, but many times not. Even when I am able to do so, my body will jump to one of my other issues (peptic ulcers, severe gerd, my colitis) all nerve issues. It is NOT a place anyone wants to be, it is life altering and death threatening! Thank you for your words and all – and Thank You for sharing – people just don't understand – they can't! My nurse, who comes in weekly, even tells me she just can't imagine, but she is very sympathetic and open to listening and trying to understand.

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